I have just gone through (yet again) the agonizing process of selecting 48 stamps, and purchasing 43, from the same vendor. I had narrowed my search within their listing to ensure I was reviewing stamps from the same country. Initially this pared down the total selection to 75 pieces.
For each stamp selected for purchase, I had to go through four keystrokes before being able to return to the page of stamps. While this might not sound too onerous, that still meant 172 steps overall.
When dealing with the same country, from the same vendor, why is it not possible for me to select all 48 stamps at one time?
Their is currently the facility of selecting 'favourites' from the offerings without leaving the page; why not the have the same for buying?
Then - having created a shopping list of 48 stamps, I then went through to ensure their were no duplicates; again - the agonizing process of selecting one stamp at a time for deletion; another three processes.
Why can't I select all four stamps at the same time?
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