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Is there a way to search for plate blocks and Scott #'s ?
i.e. I'd like to find all the #2193 plate blocks for sale without getting all the singles mixed in.



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    Here is what I did ... I did a search for "US 2193" in the main search. It brought up 137 listings. I then clicked on "United States" under categories. This may seem foolish, but by getting into the categories, I am then able to access the selection box for "Stamp Format". One of the available selections under "Stamp Format" is "Plate Block", of which there are 19 listings.

    This request is a really good example of why it is important for all sellers (myself included) to go through all of the listings that came over from bidStart and validate that "Country", "Condition", and "Stamp Format" are populated correctly.
  • Robert,
    Thank you, that works fine.
    So what we have here is a "Bass-akwards" search from the way BidStart searches were organized.
    Last week I was searching for US #1, I filled out the category, Stamp type, condition etc. and the results were always Zero, even though I have 2 listed.
    But now, following your suggestion, I enter the #, then refine it and viola! I get results!
    Thank you for shedding some light on a very cloudy area of HipStamp.
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