Buyers email address missing from notifications from PayPal?

Is it just me or has PayPal changed the way that payment notifications are being sent out? In the past I could just reply to the notification and the reply address was the person that purchased the item but now the reply goes straight back to PayPal? As the HipStart sale notification also excludes the buyers email then it becomes extra work to acknowledge the order directly to the buyer?


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  • I have the buyers email on both of my latest payment notifications. 1 is a "Notification of Payment" and the other is "Instant payment for item#XXXXXXXXx from XXXXXXX"
  • My notices from Paypal have not included the customers email address, but if I go into my Paypal account I can find the email address there. It would be a lot handier if it were on the Hipstamp notice of sale, and/or the paypal payment notification.
  • yes i also have to to go to paypal account for the buyers email, always a pain. i used the email to notify buyer of shipping date
  • I can recommend (free basic account).

    It indexes all your PayPal transactions so you can easily filter and sort everything. Email addresses are a snap.

    No need to download transactions from PayPal for analysis or tax time. Better than using a spreadsheet.

    It also has some great metrics showing monthly and yearly revenues and sales per country.
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