Sync from eBay still... huge problems

Been in contact with HS several times due to ongoing problems updating sync listings from eBay.

By contacting HS support, my listings has been sync from eBay, but I need ongoing to contact support to have the sync corrected.

As today. HS has total 639 listings and eBay 2758 listings.
Included in the HS 639 listings are sold listings on eBay and also eBay expired listings.( Not removed from HS)
it would be nice to know if other sellers are facing the same ongoing eBay sync problem ??


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    Mine have always been about 200 short of the eBay listing count, ever since eBay prohibited HipStamp from using their API (about 12 months ago). Now they use some dodgy unpublicised means of syncing and my guess is they scrape eBay listings (never refuted last time I suggested this.)
  • Not my self since I do not sell on eBay anymore since last year but it has been happening for a number of years and it used to happen to me. It is all eBay's API fault and not HipStamp.
    eBay has had API problems since they fired all of the programmers that were in the US and now have programmers from India doing their slave work at a much cheaper cost so eBay executives can line their pockets.
  • Bill, HipStamp have not been allowed to use eBay's API for 12 months now.

    I have no syncing issues using the eBay API for my website and for syncing my Delcampe listings. eBay's API is flawless.

    BTW, my API interfaces were programmed by an Australian. :)
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    I've got over 4000 items on ebay and a larger number here, so I know most are coming over. Some are understandably getting blocked because they aren't stamps for example.

    Things I know for at least my stuff:
    -you cannot RELIST an item, relisted items will not show up here, one has to use Sell Similar. (I don't know why and I actually don't know if this still is a problem as I simply just sell similar everything now)
    -some of my first pictures are being dropped. Support is looking into this. I have a suspicion that these are pictures that I rotated in eBay. Oddly subsequent pictures, 2nd, 3rd, etc that are rotated do show up.
    -it does appear that some of the newly added items in eBay don't show up here for quite a while, there appears to be a "cleanup" running from time to time because I see items in the newly listed spot that were listed some time ago on eBay which were just "caught up" now.

    I have not encountered so far, a closed item on eBay still being available here, the only way I would really identify that would be if someone here purchased it.

    I manually update eBay when something sells here "immediately" to ensure the "versa" is working.
  • Rod,

    You answered the question with your last statement "BTW, my API interfaces were programmed by an Australian."
    In the US all programing is farmed out to India and has been for a few years now. It is unfortunate but that is what happens. I make good buys on eBay becasue of the screw up in the programing.
  • Ebay is still working on their own site. after about 10 pages of search I get a gateway error and continue to get it for about a 1/2 hour. I also notice they just got the run down clock on my auction listings. So hey are dealing with their problems and the API probably isn't working correctly.
  • People, please read the previous posts - eBay's API works perfectly (for me anyway, for 2 other sites of mine that I sync). HipStamp is banned from using eBay's API.
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