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Ok, here's a wild idea. I have enjoyed hearing the pithy, one liners from all you stamp collecting mavens. OK, shoot this down, but how about a HipStamp Forum meet and greet Holiday Zoom Party where we all say hello in person? I would love to see famous Scott P from Japan, George, Greg, Ted, Beaver, Robert, Phil, Richard, Bob, Bill, Luree, Doug, Wally,Joe, Harry, Ron, anyone!! and maybe we can get Lenke to show up....AND there are SO many others out there .... one hour max, do a topic from someone, light, social, free. BYOB, cats welcome


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  • I'm in if it can be arranged. That could get out of control in a hurry!!! LOL!
  • Ted can sing, he actually is a pretty good singer... get out of control, YES, neighbors may call the cops for sure...
  • A splendid idea !
  • I'm in.
    Just try not to make it between 5am and 7am for me. Those are my sleep hours.
  • I’m in, tra-la-la.
  • Just FYI that's 4pm - 6pm EST that are bad for me.
    Rene, are you going to be the organizer?
    One alternative to Zoom might also be Google Meet, which does NOT require email addresses, just a posted link. And you don't have to have a Google account either, just the browser plugin.
  • I will be fishing that day.
  • Well that's pretty negative there John, since no one has picked a day yet...
  • Years ago the IPDA used to do that. It was a lot of fun and really nice to meet people. Of course this was before zoom and the likes but the chat room facility worked fine, just without image of the person. Philately is also about the people isn't it. Nice idea
  • Rene,

    That would be nice but I do not have Zoom.
  • You have Zoom, Bill...you just don't know it...it's a free app.
  • Here's my two cents, which now a days is worth about $20, Rene, I nominate you for the moderator for this meeting.
    For us not so techy computer wizards a step-by-step process for downloading the zoom app would be appreciated. Or maybe some way to do a pre-meeting so I don't look like a real azzhat when the time comes.
    Next, how would we vote on a date/time and how would the attendees be invited?
    Finally, what would the topic be about? Just getting together and chatting means chaos on the computer with everybody trying to talk over each other on different subjects.
    Not being a Debby Downer but to be successful some kind of organization should be in order.
    Love the idea, just some of the details need to be brought together.
  • Scott....I must have been delusional. I'm in, but only if my dogs, Rudy and Finn, can join us.
  • Ok , let me run with this a little further … dates , platform and mini program ?
  • Some way for us to agree or you set the date and time. And yes a platform and a mini program. What would be a subject choice. Maybe a way to set up a poll? With the above questions? We need to activate the KISS system.
  • Well, since it was Rene's idea, I nominate him to pick a date and time, and see if we call all (or mostly) be there?
  • I will do that . Keeping the idea simple , a weekend day in Dec . Hold on for details .
  • Greg D , email me at rstamps@charter.net . All Zoom is easy , when you get the URL , download the Ap . Rest is simple .
    More detail on the first “Hipstamp Holiday Zoom Forum party NOT sponsored by Hipstamp “
  • Perhaps we should call it the "Unauthorized Hipstamp Holiday Zoom Forum Party" It sounds so much more like we're breaking the rules. :)
  • Holiday Interdicted Party, or...HIP...
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    George will passing out virtual Fog Cutters. Or maybe he'll just be passing out. LOL!
  • I thought I was the designated passerouter?
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    Well, ok. As long as my body let's me. Herself uses zoom often for office meetings, so just let me know what I need to tell her. And I'll be there with a real Fog Cutter, or maybe a couple.

    As for a name, how about "Revolutionary Council?" You know,
    Lenin read a book on Marx...
  • These good old boys will be drinkin' whiskey and rye.
  • Maybe we can get Ted to sing American Pie for us!!!!! I hear he is quite the great troubadour.
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    Maybe just a chorus. I had forgotten how long that song is.. Speaking of long songs, it's almost Thanksgiving. You can get anything you want, at Alice's restaurant (excepting Alice).
  • Speak of the devil....
  • Ya know, I always thought he looked like a bad magician....
  • Watch as I pull a Wabbit out of this hat! Oops! It's a beaver!!! Sorry!! I, for one, don't much miss him.

    Oh, and my MIL is named Alice so it is a Thanksgiving tradition for me for other reasons.
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