Searching and Search Parameters

I collect only US stamps and attempt to keep my shipping costs at 10% of my order or lower. This is a real challenge when I need low value stamps. To save on shipping I would like to be able to search for vendors that have ALL of the stamps I'm searching for. If I'm looking for 5 specific stamps I'd like to see a list of vendors that have all 5 of them so I can review their offerings and shipping. I currently don't see a way to do this.

This item is just plain annoying. When I initially do a search such as US 725-750 I get a display of stamps BUT the search parameter list does not show so that I can narrow my search. I must FIRST click on United States again to get the parameter list. Then if I do a new search, I have to reselect the parameters. If I am looking for mint, single, air mails I would like to be able to LOCK those parameters so I can continue to search without having to reset them.


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