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I collect only US stamps and attempt to keep my shipping costs at 10% of my order or lower. This is a real challenge when I need low value stamps. To save on shipping I would like to be able to search for vendors that have ALL of the stamps I'm searching for. If I'm looking for 5 specific stamps I'd like to see a list of vendors that have all 5 of them so I can review their offerings and shipping. I currently don't see a way to do this.

This item is just plain annoying. When I initially do a search such as US 725-750 I get a display of stamps BUT the search parameter list does not show so that I can narrow my search. I must FIRST click on United States again to get the parameter list. Then if I do a new search, I have to reselect the parameters. If I am looking for mint, single, air mails I would like to be able to LOCK those parameters so I can continue to search without having to reset them.


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  • Would be nice Gary. But most don’t care.
  • Is there a way to segregate listings for Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus. When I search for Cyprus the two are combined into a single search since Cyprus appears in both listings. It is frustrating and time consuming to have to check each individually. It also makes the "Want List" feature next to worthless.
    Also, is it possible to correct a few geographic miscues. 1. Move Gilbratar out of the Middle East to Europe/British Commonwealth, and 2. Move Brunei out of the Middle East to SE Asia.
  • These issues have been brought up on this forum since time immemorial. Nothing has ever been done, and it seems nothing ever will.
  • Gary

    Look for sellers that offer combined shipping where extra items ship free in one order and search their inventory. Might take more time initially but should give you an idea of which dealers have good coverage in your collecting area with reasonable pricing both in terms of S&H and by item. Once you develop a relationship, a good dealer will set items aside until a reasonable sized cart(ie decent tradeoff between order size and shipping for both parties) is achieved.

    IMHO it really comes down to your definition of "low cost item" and the subsequent value of an order. Is low cost $1 per item or less? If so that means a 50 cents S&H or lower on a 5 item order. When considering HIP fees, the fixed and variable charges from Paypal, postage, supplies and the time to fill the order, thats going to be tough to find on more than a one off basis. If your definition of low cost items averages around $2.5(or more), in the 5 item example, then I am sure you will find offerings from several reputable sellers here that meet your shipping criteria.

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