Sold stamps the day before Black Friday sale

Three sales came through within the last 24 hours. I am inclined to give refunds or credits to 2 out the 3. The other one is from a second counter offer from a potential buyer. His first was a lowball, I countered, then he countered, which I accepted this morning. How would you handle this if the buyer now wanted a refund re: the Black Friday 10% off?


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  • No retroactive refunding... there is a time. It's the same as buying a shirt and then the next day that shop has a big sale. It's "at time of sale". It's not your responsibility to back-refund or for informing them of upcoming sales. That's something they need to follow themselves.
  • Good advice,,,thanks Scott.
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    Let me get this straight. This guy essentially talked you down twice, and then wants his discount because he missed the sale? Oy, what a petty schmuck.
    Which is just my way of saying that Scott is exactly right.
  • To pile on, agree , this is the type of behavior one sees at a Big Box store, but the sellers here are "private small business" owners. I agree, it is just not an appropriate "ask.".
  • The risk of waiting for the sale is someone else my buy it.
    If he wanted to get the black friday sale price, he could have spun the wheel and took his chances.
  • I'm a buyer only so here is my sides thought. If you word it too bad, chances of him buying from you in future is pretty close to nil assuming not a great deal of a future purchase. However, I'm betting that with your negotiations its less than your black friday discount. So tell him the negotiated price or the black friday price and his new higher price will be?? I'm sure he will see you are right and you won't lose him -actually he'll probably always go at least to you ......steve
  • I also had 2 large sales - one the morning of the day before and one just a couple of hours before the sale started. I also contemplated offering a discount of 20% after the sale- especially to the last sale. I decided not to because where would it end? The sale that morning or the 2 smaller sales the day before.... or the large sale the day before that? Best not to open the Pandora's Box!!
  • Yep....points well taken.
  • I usually let my feelings of loyalty to regular customers. I have in the past confessed to a regular customer about the pending sale and sent a refund to reflect the sale prices. Others I do not. I figure its up to me. I don't HAVE to do it, but I WANT to do it.
  • Does Hipstamp send out any kind of notice to former buyers as to a general type of sale like Black Friday.
  • As a buyer, HS has only sent notices about auction events i know of , sertainently not about Black Friday or such
  • Well, for Pete's sake!!
  • No Hip does not send a notice for any sales events unless it is the Big boys and they have the opportunity to send a separate email as part of the price they pay.
  • And the only notice they have is they put up a big banner at the top of the page but only if there is no big auction event going on.
  • There is currently a headline regarding the Black Friday Sale at the top of the home page, with a wide button which brings up all sale items from participating dealers.
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