The servers are timing out

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Only on Hipstamp are the servers timing out.
All other web sites are loading instantly but it takes forever for a page to load on Hip. I can not list anything nor can I relist anything. When I look at a store listing it takes forever to load.
It is intermittent because eventually they do load but then it will slow down to a crawl.
Very annoying and I am sure our customers are getting annoyed also and leaving.


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  • I've been listing and selling all day without any issues.
  • Greg,

    Do not know why you do not have problems but as I said it is only happening on Hip for me.
    Every other web site is loading instantly but not Hip. It is not happening all of the time but it is happening intermittently for me.
  • That is really odd. Maybe clear your cookies from your browser?
  • I had a page time out, going through the payment procedure. I finally closed that tab and checked my purchase history. The payment went through.
  • Mt cookies are cleared each night when I go though my closing process. It seems to be working ok now.
  • Yup, odd. At least it's working for you now.
  • Bill, do you live in a big city, or a more remote area? (What state, if you don't mind me asking?)
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    Not sure what browser you are using I just started having that problem on Firefox (Win 10)- and it crashes Firefox (Firefox is updated, may try going back ). All other sdites work fine and don't crasdh Firefox.

    Hip works fine on Chrome and Edge (Win 10) and on Safari (IMac - Monterrey).
  • Hippostcard is also affected - they both crash Firefox, which is working fine on other sites.
  • I have 400MBS spectrum as my ISP and I live in Wisconsin. I also use Firefox and just like Henry all other web sites work perfectly it only happens on Hip.
    Tomorrow I will try explorer even though I hate it and see how that works.
    It is really a shame that Hip is not working with Firefox.
  • I don't think we can quite blame FF just yet, though possible.
    It might be a latency issue with getting to wherever Hip have their servers hosted. Other sites would not be affected by it, as each have unique routing.
    So changing browsers may not be the solution to your problem.
  • Since the Hip sites work fine on Chrome and Edge (Win 10) and on Safari (IMac - Monterrey) and since Firefox crashes after visiting either site I might be inclined to think it an unintended consequence of a change on the Hip sites - it's easier to just use another browser than it is to complain about it - at some point next week I'll roll back Firefox and see if that helps, I know playing in a sandbox costs valuable time and resources (boy do I know) but it helps to minimize those unintended consequences.
    Merry Christmas to all - need a couple of days away from the boards.
  • I tried chrome and that works but IE does not.
    Firefox is still timing out and it has to be a programing problem with Hip.
    All other sites work fine but not Hip. so yes it is a programing problem and like John said there is no one here until the 27th. A really great way to run a site that runs 24/7/365, there are NO days OFF.
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    Same here Bill, and to complicate matters Hip was VERY slow Christmas morning on Edge which zipped right along Saturday. Christmas eve I got 11 items ready to bulk load Christmas morning. Had pictures ready to go and items set up on bulk loader. Christmas morning I loaded the pictures and items and sent it to processing. It took over half an hour because at first only 9 items and no pictures showed up. I waited an additional 5 minutes - nothing changed. I added 3 pictures which seemed to take forever. Then the other two items showed up - no pictures. I eventually got the picture to the 9th item to load and then started on the 10th items and it worked OK, as did the 11th item.

    Something i seriously amiss when it takes a half hour to load 11 files using the bulk loader.
  • Henry,
    A lot of people use Firefox because they do not like Google knowing everything that they are doing which is what chrome does. Google already knows too much about everybody. Firefox is the most secure browser out there.
    I know my APS is not going to like what is going on here after I give them my report about the inadequacies of HipStamp.
  • That's why I use Firefox as my primary browser in Windows 10. Unfortunately, Firefox does not play well with my IMac and I use Opera - not ideal but Firefox just doesn't work.. i am well aware of the privacy issue but I need to list a few things a day. That it doesn't work is one thing, but it bothers me that when I switch out of Hipstamp or Hippostcard it crashes Firefox - that is troublesome. .

    Also had problems with the bulk lister on Christmas morning - it seemed like they were doing a major importation of data or overloading the servers in some other way - just a guess - I played in a lot of sandboxes over the years.
  • Sandboxes was the way to go but the new pimple faced programmers don't even know how to use it.
  • I can't list anything at all. I am getting very fed up with the whole thing.
  • Well I sent an email to support this morning and the only thing I heard back is that we received your email and will get back to you.
    As I said before I can not list anything and I am getting very fed up about the whole thing.
  • Bill, it sure seems like there is something specific to your situation that others are not experiencing. Not trying to be an ass here, far from it, but I, and others I know who have stores on HipStamp have not had any issues like this recently. Yes, I get an occasional "burp" when listing something but nothing major. I really hope they can help you with this..I just don't have any suggestions for you that you haven't already tried.
  • Greg,

    Henry Brooks was also having the problem and he also said that is was there with MS Edge and I also had that problem with edge and IE.
    Hip finally got back to me and said there is a problem with Firefox and I also told them about Edge and IE but it could be because I have Firefox on both of them and could be messing with the windows browser.
    As I said before I use Firefox because it is the most secure browser out there and I do a lot of financial work on my computer.
    I went and did a recovery on my desktop and that did not clear up the problem.
    I have been using the internet since 1985 with CompuServe when all there was to work with was chat boards. LoL
  • My problem with Edge was Christmas morning using the bulk loader 0 loading 11 items the pictures did not show up - editing to add pictures was slow as molasses for the first 9 edits and then immediately sped to normal for the last 2 - over half an hour to load 11 items and adding pictures with the bulk lister. Would guess they were making system changes or importing vast quantities of data - all the usual characteristics of server overload,,, just a guess
  • Well it now seams that Firefox is working okay. The pages are now loading quickly so support has done their job. I hope, we shall see tomorrow when I try to upload some listings.
  • It's so slow I can't use it on my phone or the app. Horrible.
  • Have you tried it on a computer? And what are you trying to do? List items in a store or browse the site to purchase?
    And what app? I'm not aware of any app that HS has, just their website.
  • F4AD93E8-6D06-4B07-9625-01AFF3082AEB

    I asked the same question a while back and was told it is a web app. I asked what that meant and got nothing but crickets. I “installed ” it, and can find nothing different about it, much less anything “better.” Evidently it simply puts a bookmark to HS on your home screen.
  • That's what I'm talking about. I think HS toyed with developing an "app" in the past and never actually executed anything on it. When I (rarely) browse HS on my phone or Android tablet, this is what I see and if I click on "Install the App" it just takes me to their website on my device browser.

    Steve, is it possible that you just have a crappy connection on your phone? It happens.
  • This site is beyond frustrating. It is so slow now, I can't even print from my phone. And, yes, I have 1 gig speed at my home. I think loading all the crap about "need help" and the app slows it down even more.
  • Steve, it isn't the site. I'm on a WIndows tablet on a 200 MBS WiFi using Edge and every page on the site I've been on all morning loads quickly. Store pages, forums, everything.
  • I am out in the sticks here and no problem at 9 MBS with either Win10 and Firefox or my 6 year old IMac running Opera. Pages change faster than my brain does.
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