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Maybe this has been covered/asked in the past but i think it would be nice to have the ability to list something with more than just one topic category. For example a set of coins on stamps that also have Queen Elizabeth on them. So we have to choose just one topic to list them under now but they could be listed in two different categories for customer search purposes.


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  • When HipStamp started, we were asked for suggestions to improve the Topical section. I for one made my suggestions and as usual nothing happened. It was pretty simple just adding a few subjects to try to diminish the "other" category.
    Has an example : Agriculture / Farming
    Entertainment / Circus
    Fairy Tales
    History / Bi Centenial
    Toys & Hobbies

    Because of the useless response, I never dared suggesting to do like Delcampe and have the possibility to choose and list by country and TWO topical subjects. At the time I pointed out that European customers are very Topical oriented and could help get more sales. Pffft!

  • It would just be nice to be able to use more than just one. Or even to enter a specific topic not on their standard list. Shouldn't be THAT difficult to do.
  • Greg,

    But they have too many other problems to work with. It is unfortunate that the programmers probably do not know what they are doing.
  • It would seem that moving Brunei from the Middle East category to Asia shouldn't be THAT difficult to do, yet after multiple posts over several years requesting this change, it remains in the Middle East,
  • Ted,
    Well, it takes a LOT to move that much land mass from one side of a continent to the other side of it... I'm sure that's the lagging factor.
  • Guess we're using the old fashioned pre-technology method
  • Plate's actually easy to move it....just takes a long time.
  • Brunei us such a small country. Why do we just sell it, buy some acreage in Saudi, set up a flag and voila, it's where it needs to be.
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