Please help in stamp ID

stamp id

Now, I might have the first one upside down. But can someone please tell me the ID? At least the country will give me a big clue.
Thank you,


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  • Hi the red one is either Scott 849 or 864 Iran
  • I will take a chance that the first one is Jammu and Kashmir. My only clue is the illustrated identifier at the back of Scott's catalog and it looks like the stamp in the photo is upside down but in exact spitting image
  • Steve - you are awesome, I don't know how I missed the Iran stamp, it is 864 as it doesn't have the Postes at the bottom.

    The other is Kashmir, but for those prices, I need to ask for further verification. It is color ultra or blue, so would you say Kashmir 65 or 70? Or 65a being blue. Probably 65a or 65, I'm not that lucky for a 70!
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