St Lucia J12, hmm...

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My old (2005) SC lists this as having a value of 60 cents, but a seller here is asking $22, and other sellers are offering J11 and J12 together at prices ranging from $19.90 to $58.50. I assume that, as usual, I'm missing something obvious. What say you?



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  • This set (J11-J12) with overprint is $190.00 Unused and $160.00 Used - 2021 Catalogue
  • Thanks again, Jeri. You’re invaluable.
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    The story behind that overprint is fascinating. A crooked stamp dealer was responsible for its creation. There is a long discussion of it on one of the major forums from a few years back. You should be able to find it easily enough, and it would be well worth your interest.
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