Links won’t work, cart at wrong item count, total mess

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Amazing. Cart says there is 99+ items when there aren’t, which isn’t a big deal except it’s a flag for other issues. Clicking three lines upper left won’t bring up menus… blinks and does nothing. Within the cart, cannot bring up an invoice to print (button goes nowhere). Etc.

Not sure what’s going on, but this is a joke. iPhone with latest iOS; cookies and cache cleared. Same issue on Chrome and Safari.

Anyone else?



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  • Nope. Site has worked fine for me every day. And I use it every day. Maybe calm down a little?
  • Calm down? I am rather calm. Defensive much?

    I’m sure the site is working fine for many. That is neither the point nor particularly helpful, however. Fact is, it isn’t working for me, with clear issues involving functionality.
  • Christopher, did you send the staff an email at

    to express you situation?
  • I have always found re-booting to be a miracle cure, have you tried it?
  • I have had exact same problem for the last several days using the hip stamp app. Cannot view any stores and have the same issue with 99 plus items showing in my cart and then the cart is empty
  • There we have it. Hipstamp does not really have an “App”. Try the web site. It works much better.
  • Ok. Following a Google search I tried different options for reaching the website and have the same results. Maybe there is an incompatibility issue with hip stamps website and mobile phone. However until a few days ago everything was working fine on my phone so Bob maybe you have a different explanation?
  • Just an addendum. I have used this website for almost 4 years and this was the first time this particular problem arose exactly the same time that Christopher mentioned.
  • Steve,

    If you are having problems with the App email:
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