Had enough of this crook


Please join me in reporting the numerous listings in this crook's store, and get him removed from the site.
Nothing but fraudulent crap.
This is not ultramarine, it's just a faded stamp
This is not a "rare" 125, it's a damaged common 114 being passed off for $525 (it's worth $0).
This is not a 114 with a "rare brown cancel", it's a 114 with a sumdged common pen cancel that has "rusted" from iron in the ink.
This is NOT a $2,700 Scott #25, it is a $65 Scott # 26
This is not a Scott #70d (for one thing, it is NOT on VTP), it is a color changeling (very common in this shade) #70 worth $300, not $3,000
This being one of the most galling, it is NOT an imperf pair!!! It's not even a pair. It's a corner stamp from a booklet pane! (Worth a whole 25cents).

There are a few "legitimate" listings scattered in between the garbage, but this guy keeps listing more and more misleading stamps, and his intent is clearly to rip people off. We need him gone.
Please report these, and others, I don't have time to list all of the bogus things this guy has listed, but you can find something wrong with virtually every listing in his store.


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