Mid-size UScollection pending sale - duck stamps, allied victory red-violet, 1860s+, columbus series

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  • Perhaps you are unaware that you can't use the forum to bypass listing and selling fees. You can "advertise" or promote what you are going to offer for sale or auction, but you can't solicit a possible buyer with the purpose being to get around selling fees. I would strongly suggest rewording your message otherwise you might find yourself "removed" from this site permanently.
  • Smells like phishing to me... I've reported this post.
  • Stamp highlights include: SEVEN duck stamps (all high quality; one mint), mint columbus fleet and landing, allied victory red-violet 4-block, numerous 1800s stamps, altered Jefferson Davis plates (including "Baltimore"), and significantly more besides.

    SEVEN duck stamps!!!!!! One actually mint!!! WOW!!!!! I didn't know that ducks used stamps or collected them. The rare and scarce Allied victory block of 4!!! Holy crap!!!! I've only seen pictures of those in the Siegel Rarities of the World auction catalogs. This sound like the famed MOTHER LODE collection. Probably has been stored in a pickle jar and hidden behind a Funk and Wagnall's dictionary in Aunt Thelmas house.

    This dude is full of....duck....FEATHERS! Take your show down the road hombre'!
  • but . . . but . . . original artwork!
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