Bulk Lister Instructions

Now available from the Bulk Lister page, and within the Help section:

Tutorial Videos coming soon!


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  • Getting there! Thanks Mark, but I miss sixbit.
  • I use SixBit. and will continue to do so. However, SixBit does have some API capabilities for importing orders. It would be helpful if the template was available in machine readable form like XML (with a version number) to allow import of column values. I maintain a staging database for listings. A SQL stored procedure inserts new listings into the SixBit database where they can be edited to fix titles, formatting or content errors. Currently, the only way I have to post listings on Hipstamp is to use eBay Sync.

    It would not be that difficult to write code to export from SixBit (to avoid some manual steps) and import them into Hipstamp using the Bulk Lister. It would be very helpful if it was possible to include an eBay ID to enable Hipstamp to monitor the eBay listing like an eBay Sync listing. Otherwise, I would have to write a service to monitor Hipstamp and make the necessary updates to eBay . Also, it would be helpful to add 30-day store listings to Hipstamp. I do not use Good Until Cancel listings on eBay because they drop in search over time. It will also be necessary to be able to download listing status and order information as well as update processed orders.

    While some order processing updates on Hipstamp can be done manually, the process doesn't scale. If it was possible to create eBay Sync listings and set a slightly lower price in addition to setting the necessary item specifics, order volume would be likely to increase. As it is now with eBay Sync, I don't expect many orders because potential buyers are unlikely to find the listings.
  • We are planning to offer an API in the future.

    In the interim, to note, we also have a Sales Report feature in Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Reports which lets you export your sales from HipStamp into a CSV file - for a selected date range. This was built at the request of several sellers, who periodically export this report, and import it into their various systems, to sync all sale data from HipStamp to their own database, website, etc. This may be something you want to review as well.

    In general, if you're listing on both Ebay and HipStamp - we do recommend using the Ebay Sync, as this will keep your items in sync, and we will automatically add all applicable Item Specifics, and on the Ebay Sync page (on HipStamp) you do have an option of decreasing the prices for your synced items. If you're listing 30 Day Store Listings on Ebay, they'll come over as Store Items on HipStamp - so it shouldn't matter if they're 30 Day or Good Til Cancelled.

    Note that if you want to update any listings on HipStamp, you can provide a Bulk Lister file to update the items as well by Private ID (including closing the items if the quantity is set to 0). Or by HipStamp ID if you use the "Default - Update Listings by ID" Field Mapping Template.
  • Mark or Justin,

    Or anybody else that may know this answer.

    I have finally figured out the Bulk Lister - yea! - and I'm even using the BIG form - YEA!

    My question is: when entering the Topic, do I have to enter the whole thing? Example: I have a bird stamp and want to use the topic "Birds". In the list of Topics it says "Animals - Birds". Do I have to enter the whole thing, "Animals - Birds" or can I just enter "Birds"?

    Thanks for your help
  • You need to use one of the set values listed in the "Values" column of the Bulk Lister - Fields page. See that page / tab for what values you can enter for any field, including Topics.
  • Mark,

    Is the information available in a spreadsheet or XML format?

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