How do I describe this ?

I just opened a box for the first time since 1989 when I tapered off doing shows ... lots of interesting (and not so interesting) stuff. Not sure what this is - it will assume an moderate arc with no collapse like a pressed crease would. It is NH and appears to me to be OG (not an expert here - deal mainly with used earlies). It appears to be a paper flaw but not a paper crease, they didn't use gum breakers back then,

Anyway - best I can come up with is natural paper wrinkles but don't recall hearing the term. Not really expensive enough to have it soaked and pressed (or softened, pressed and dressed). As-is what are we talking (5-10 per cent or 10-15 per cent).

Thanks for your thoughts.




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  • Henry,
    If they were roller flaws, you'd be able to pull the image apart. This looks to me more like something that has occurred to the paper after printing. It would be described as multiple internal paper crease. What caused it, I can't be certain, but it could be a number of things, including the stamp being pressed from the top or bottom edge downward (think bookmark making contact, or similar, while it was pressed in a book).
    This is another possibility. If it was humid and laying with another item, and that items changed shape, it could have misshapen the stamp as well).
    It does look OG in the image, though that would have to be described as "disturbed OG" now.
  • Thanks Scott

    Interesting - I appreciate the information and will keep as a possible og gum reference.
  • Henry,
    Not sure it's a great example. As I look a little closer at this, I have a number of doubts about it. I hadn't looked at perf tips earlier, and I should have. There is gum soak left and right, and a thin margin at top and bottom where there is no gum. I'm a little whacked out on allergy meds at the moment. But this doesn't look OG.
  • Thanks for the update - will soak and see what happens. Might end up with two halves !

    Good luck with the allergies - just went from 20 degrees to 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) in less than 2 hours and my head is absolutely pounding.
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