Who moderates this board?

Does HipStamp moderate this board in house or do they farm it out ??

Hopefully, they don't use the same Cyptofascist Cyberninjas Facebook and Twitter use. Those guys are criminals


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  • Well. Certainly not you…
  • No...certainly not me....

    But like I said, I have proof that much of social media is moderated by Criminals.....or teenagers from Macedonia(Facebook, June 2017)
    Not that the FBI seems to care. They're probably too busy playing CIA games.
    And have they ever found out what was on that Chinese balloon that caused all the chaos a month or so ago
  • When did this become an issue? I have never noticed moderation here except when things got out of hand, and by that I mean that messages had gotten so toxic that there was no benefit or interest in continuing. By my own judgement, moderation at those times was late and well deserved, not oppressive or "cryptofascist." While I am certain there are cryptofascists in this battered world, they probably have better things to do than moderate tiny forums like this. So, Ken, have no fear in speaking freely. But please, let us all speak freely about stamps.
  • This board seems to be almost self-moderating...most of the time as Phil said. It's pretty rare it seems that a post or thread needs moderating. Might be one of the more peaceful boards I've ever been on.
  • Also, a forum in a stamp sales platform isn't really "Social Media". Forums and discussions were around long before the appearance of those services.
  • it's quite nice here. No political extreme in just an occasional low mutter/grumble/acknowledgment abut the current state of affairs. And for that I thank all of you!!!
  • Scott,

    Yes chat boards were around back when I first got on the internet back in 1985, way long before these social media sites came around.
  • viva la revolucion!
  • Well, Bill...I've been on chat boards since the 90s....and nearly all have been poorly moderated...with no accountability.

    Just sayin'
  • Oh...and BTW....what happened to Ron Lemke??
  • He was moderated out of existence.
  • After he got into that giant cheddar wheel in Wisconsin, no one has heard from him.
  • Try "The Postage Stamp Chat Board" if you want to see moderators in action.
  • Hey that was my cheddar wheel!
  • As the Farmer in the Dell said....and the late Dave Barry echoed....

    The Cheese Stands Alone.
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