Buyer buys a lot.Pays and then cancels after we have shipped.

Buyer pays for a lot.
2kg Large Stamp Album with Stamps for $17.Shipping $30 Poland to Usa.
We asked for his number so we could ship fedex.
He did not supply so we shipped by normal parcel post.
He contacts us saying shipping cost was too high and did not realize we were in Poland and wants to cancel his purchase now.
We already shipped.
What should we do now?


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  • Suggestion, when buyer returns the lot to you in Poland, you can then refund his money.
  • And he pays for the return postage.
  • I assume this was a PayPal transaction with shipping clearly stated on the invoice? If so, you express your concern & regret that he is unhappy, but buyers remorse is no excuse for cancelling a purchase - especially after payment is made. You are covered if sent to his PayPal address. Make sure that all communication is done through PayPal so that they have a clear understanding of what happened if chooses to claim "Item not as Described".
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