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Anyone else belong to a club that gets APS circulars? I just purchased a few on Sunday, but bought pretty heavily over the last six months or so


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  • If you are referring to the APS Circuits, yes. I've been getting them for years.
  • Same here. Buying and selling for decades.

    If you haven't tried it, request a Clearance Circuit. They are sent directly to you. You are charged $10 handling fee. You pick what you want. You can get some great bargains. Last year they sent me a clearance circuit in which I asked for Italian Colonies. I bought one of the Italian Colonies books (you have to buy the entire book, and they can be as low as $10 for the book). It was for Trieste, and MNH. $100 was the clearance price, and the book had over $1000 cat value in it.
  • The circuit books are another service the the APS has.
  • What Club do you belong Greg?
    Yaknow, they only circulate through clubs, right??
  • Kris,

    I have box of circuits sitting on my desk right now. There are different kinds of circuits. Multiple person, clearance, direct, local club, and even for visitors to the APS building in Bellefonte.


  • Oh, I just go through the ones through the Club
  • Whatever makes you happy.
  • So you don't belong to any club, Greg?
    I take it you belong to APS though....what's your #??
  • Why does it matter, Kris? Try being nice for once!
  • Why is Greg so shy about it?....if that's his real name
  • Not sure nice is in his dictionary
  • Mr. Doll is chairman-elect of the IPDA. You might need to look that up. His photo is in the newsletter. He is certainly not being shy. One should never be shy and usually be tolerant with children.
  • Well dang! I just spit out some perfectly good coffee! In sixty plus years of breathing, I have never been accused of being shy...at least not to my face or in public. I've been called many things but shy isn't one of them. And I'm not quite sure what the fixation is on whether and what club anyone belongs to and whether or not one is an APS member. But to satisfy your odd curiosity...yes, I am an APS member and an APS Dealer Member. I am also the IPDA Chairman as Phil said. All those fun little facts are easy to find on my store description page including my member numbers. And no, I do not belong to a local club as I simply do not have the time for that now until and if I survive my full time job among my other current obligations. Is there anything else you need to know about me? Shoe size, favorite color, if I own or rent my house, where I went to high school, tax filing status, whether I dress left or right?

    But shy? You got the wrong guy for that.
  • Well. I did say "usually" tolerant...

    By the way, just for complete transparency, I would never join a club that would accept me as a member (with thanks to Groucho
  • Usually.....Big Schmiles! You poke the bear...sometimes you get bit. I have nothing to apologize for, nothing to hide, and certainly nothing to be shy about. But in a likely futile effort to get Kris off our collective legs about this stuff, I had to respond.
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    Greg...I'm not sure sure the word "honesty" is your dictionary.

    Is Greg you're real name, or just your on-line character?
  • Kris, what in the world is wrong with you? Why is it so important that you have to know this? Greg is Greg. End of story, end of this nonsense.

    While we are playing this silly game ... is Kris really your name or just your on-line character?
  • Folks, this clown just accused me in a public forum of being dishonest. Pretty strong thing to accuse someone of they have never met. Unbelievable! There is a first time for everything I suppose.
  • Greg, for those that know you, we know you are a very honest person. Yes, he is a clown that makes Pennywise look good!
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    Thank you, Luree, but if this guy is actually an APS member, he may be flirting with a direct violation of the APS Code of Ethics. If he keeps this crap up, he may be dealing with more than just me. Now what is his treasured APS number again?

    From the APS Code of Ethics:

    12. I agree to conduct myself in accordance with accepted standards of morality and
    courtesy in philatelic activities not specifically cited in the code.
  • Yeah, I'm a an APS member....
    I just hate people who use fake names to troll people.
    If that offends you, talk to Amy Rosenberg and get me removed.
    She's the one that signed me up for Hip Stamp a year and a half ago in Chicago.
  • Yeah...if you want me to shut up, email this woman...I saved her cardIMG_20230319_173746
  • Mokusatsu
  • 10-4. It is all very clear now.

    But just one more question for you....what the hell are you talking about?

    Wait...one more question....who is trolling who here?

    Crap!...another question...if you are accusing me of dishonesty, are you prepared to back those accusations up with any facts?
  • This will be fun.
  • If Amy doesn't remember me, the younger lady who have the lecture certainly should. She followed all over the place...including the shuttle ride to the Airport. She said she was a Harry Potter fan.
  • Of course, the way they allow their customers to be treated makes me think I shouldn't bother selling stamps on here. I can sell them much easier through the club. Those people are so much nicer.
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    Wait for it..........wait....be patient......it's coming....Mokusatsu? Not on this one my friend. Slander of my good name (Greg Doll) is unacceptable and it will not stand.
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    Then I am certainly with you, Greg.
  • Wow, I'm away for 1 day and I missed all the fun.
    Greg, I want to know, what IS your favorite color???
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