Bit of a drought this month. Questions for other sellers.

2023 started out great, then March came and sales have nosedived. I've more than tripled my listings since mid 2022, but it doesn't seem to have increased sales as much. I continue to try to focus on "nice" stuff...unused, great centering etc. I withdrew a few bids on Vance's March 22 auction as it will only create more backroom inventory of stuff I have listed. I did an analysis of sales, and only submitted a bid on an auction that replenished best selling stuff.

In any case:
1) Is anyone trying anything different to increase promos, low starting price auctions?
2) Is anyone listing on multiple sites?

I realize I'm whining (again), but I'm struggling.....and wonder if I shouldn't try a new venue (the thought of which gives me a damn headache.


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  • I think I see a post like this every 2 or 3 months. There are always ups and downs. February was dismal for us, our worst month on record, March, bounced right back.
    It's a combination of timing, material, events. I can bet you any month that someone is having a "worst month ever", someone else is having a "best month ever". We didn't let it phase us at all.
    As for multiple platforms, I doubt this is much of a strategy, if those platforms are essentially serving the same audiences. If you have a platform that serves a different type of audience, then there may be some strategic sales in other channels, but overall, I wouldn't encourage that. If you have some highly prime material with CVs over $300+ you could try selling in high-end auctions like Kelleher or Seigel. Otherwise, most of the internet platforms still service the same buyers. (i.e. the buyers here are also already looking on other sites, if they aren't buying it from you here, they aren't much more likely to buy it from you on another similar site).
    The best way to sell material is, describe it accurately, and have high quality images of fronts and backs, and give details that are useful to buyers.
  • I hear ya...thanks.
  • Patience young Skywalker!!! January was a record month for Bentley. February beat that. March is pretty slow right now. These are the "ups and downs". Look at your store's trend. Is it trending upwards over time? Is it flat over time? is it dropping over time? The answer to those questions should dictate your next moves if any. The best thing I could say is..."Don't Panic!". Keep doing what you're doing. I checked your store and just out of a random selection, most of your items are getting quite a few views. That is a good thing. That means people are shopping your store. Better than being completely ignored right?
  • I'm too impatient. Turning 75 in a few days. At this rate, I'll never crack that million $ sales figure.
  • HAhaha...neither will I at any rate. Have a nice birthday!
  • John - I've looked at your store and you have a decent stock at fair prices. I have found sales of Canada and BNA have been a bit slow for me of late, but that's not my main area. Things will vary from month to month, and even after alomost 60 yers in this crazy business I still have trouble handling slow months. Use the slow time to describe and list new material. Perhaps make up a flyer that you can send along with purchases offering stamps in your inventory. As for other sites I can't think of any site that has done better for me. Feebay is past it's prime, the Boys in Belgium were so so as far as sales. Shopify will run about 40 to 50 a month and was also so so as far as sales. The CSDA site is slow but free and members only..
    Dennis J - a mere 80 years old
    At 75 your a relative youngster. Just hang in there and things should improve provided we don't have a major eceonomic downturn ( Hope you don't bank with SVB).
  • just jinxed all of us. Arghh!
  • Spring Break. People take their kids on vacations.
  • That certainly doesn't help either this week.
  • And don't forget tax season.
  • And NCAA men's and women's B-Ball tourney.
  • Geez, what's more more important, vacations, taxes, B-ball or stamps?

    Stamps of course! Hang in there John, things will get better.
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