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i have noticed a considerable increase in listings of "unused" being obviously used and items pictured with the incorrect Scott number.


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  • i have noticed a considerable increase in listings of "unused" being obviously used and items pictured with the incorrect Scott number.
  • Mark,

    Send the seller a nice note about them. You will often find out if it's an honest mistake or something else by the response you get.

  • With all the time I spend browsing at night when I cannot sleep, this is a thing I often see. Most dealers can be gracious about correcting one item or two. More than that they can get touchy, especially if you are not an established customer.
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    Very true. But if there more than a few errors and the seller gets touchy about it, there could be other issues. Not always of course, but the odds go up. All of us make honest errors and a quality dealer will always appreciate them being pointed out and will correct them.
  • Send message to seller. I have had a few incorrect Scott numbers in my store and was grateful to those who messaged me, and let them know. I have done the opposite. I first assume it was an honest mistake.
  • Another thing to think about; I have been reviewing my inventory as to what is listed and have been correcting mistakes. When I change anything in the title, the system automatically changed the stamp format to unused. So I had to correct that too. Easily missed.

    I agree, contact the seller with a note indicating the changes. I always appreciate when others are helping me. My fingers have a way of their own thoughts at times!
  • "automatically changed"?....is that really going on? If so, has anyone notified HS?
  • I haven't and don't know if anybody else has realized the change. But even if I correct the listing number it changes to unused. Now, I imagine if "used" or "MNH' or something else was in the title it wouldn't change. I usually don't add used in the title because I would expect the buyer to see the cancel mark.
  • John, when you edit a listing it often causes other random changes automatically that can be be incorrect, not just changing things to unused. I always recheck after editing to catch the "unintended consequences" associated with the change, Every program has its random glitches.
  • Another "automatic change" I've encountered is, when I edit a title, the software clears the Year Issued field.
  • I'm glad you said that Ted, I forgot about that and just thought it was me! But, it doesn't happen all the time.
  • Damn...I've got some rechecking to do.
  • Hip stamp has been messing up lately. I tried printing invoices today and it will not let me do it.
  • I found that their "autodetect" for category doesn't like anything other than numbers and letters. For instance, we list a lot of US Essays, and I recently noticed that they are getting classified as "Front of Book", because there is a "-" character in the Essay listings. (i.e. 79-E8a). It drops that -E8a, treats it as a "US 79" and puts it in the FoB area.
    So we're in the process of updating all these so they go into the proper listing of Essay & Proofs.
    There are likely other quirks. This requires some deeper programming to parse the titles, whether that is in the list of fixes/features, is unknown. Since I only noticed this yesterday, I haven't reported it to Hip yet, as I'm currently traveling heavily. (Hello from Qatar).
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    Saw this stamp today, listed as MH! or MNH?. I sent him a comment on it as it certainly looks used and pretty beat up. Not good. https://www.hipstamp.com/listing/us-scott-240-mh-or-mnh/48999925
    HTScreen Shot 2023-04-01 at 10.48.50 AM
    Screen Shot 2023-04-01 at 10.49.01 AM
  • That is an ugly stamp indeed.
    Also, congrats on your IPDA membership HT. Well deserved.
  • That stamp needs to be thrown in the scrap pile.
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stamp_condition#:~:text=Mint never-hinged (MNH%20or,done%20by%20a%20stamp%20hinge.
    Mint never-hinged (MNH or Mint NH, NH, u/m) is an unused stamp that has full original undisturbed gum with no trace of damage done by a stamp hinge. Stamps sell at a considerable premium if they are in this condition.
  • Actually it's a good space filler of a higher valued stamp.
  • Yes Michael, you are correct. But that is how it should be listed.
  • That is a used stamp with a large thin... yes higher value space filler.
  • Some change in the verbiage, but...?
    US Scott 240 MH! Or MNH?
    $29.75 $35.00
    Free Shipping see details
    Seller: TomsStamps (5186)
    Recall of Columbus! This stamp appears to be MNH, however, a fair amount of gum is missing. A good amount of gum is still on the stamp. So there is a fair amount of thin spot.
  • It's gone.
    Or at least "No longer available".
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