We interrupt this broadcast for an important announcement :-) big smile :-)

A very big thank you to all our customers… cddstamps now has just over 60,000 positive feedbacks. We won’t repeat what we wrote a few weeks ago except to say; dear customer Thank you, and dear collector who has not visited us yet, we would love to welcome you in our store. We think you will discover why we have reached this new feedback milestone once you visit us and place your first order. We won’t tell you all our secrets here, or others may start doing what we do :-) big smile :-)

And one more news item. We leave for the UK in two weeks. Get your orders in soon and we will mail from there using the new Charles III definitive stamps and maybe even the new commemoratives with the Charles III profile image if we can get them. We then go on to Australia so any customers who want orders mailed locally in the UK or Oz, we will do that and you should get orders much quicker than through international mails.

Finally, we decided to close the store while away, ........we look forward to welcoming you back in June.
Thank you, always philatelically yours Michael and cddstamps https://www.hipstamp.com/store/cddstamps

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