It's 2005 all over again!

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. Working with Mark in exploring and commenting on the new site makes it feel like 2005 all over again! You're having a great attitude through this tumultuous time, Mark. I'm curious if you have a supporting cast working with you. If so, can't wait to meet them. Cheers, and Godspeed to HipStamp, where it's Hip to be Square, or Triangular, or Heart-Shaped, or whatever you collect!


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  • Me too (nostalgic). The memories are flooding in - Traveling Mouse Pad, Heart fund Auctions,picking a Mascot, all the camaraderie, silly jokes, guess the stamp contest and sadly those who have left us! I really missed the "Old Forum". I have a good feeling about this site already.
  • Cool!
    I don't think I was in at the very start of StampWants, but not too long after. I've stayed a lot longer and don't want it to go away. I joined StampWants originally because I wanted an out from Ebay.I too am looking forward to finding old (figuratively) friends.
    I have several things I want to say, I'll try to be brief, and if anybody wants to further the conversations, so be it.

    1. Hi everybodY!
    2.. Stanley/Gibbons is becoming increasingly uninviting, blah blah blah, I'll save you my personal rant......
    3. I am extremely glad to see in the terms and conditions, there's no "L@@K!", types of stamp descriptions. It gets on my nerves. I would like to see sellers with obvious misleading listings, like every single listing being "VF", be asked to be a little more truthful. Could this be done somehow without outright policing? What's the use putting time into actually grading your stamps if you can just put "VF" at the end of every listing? Personally, I often don't look at a listing in any more detail if it's a seller with all "VF" material, with a few exceptions. To be fair, there are some.
    4. I am personally opposed to the final value fee, but it's not a deal-breaker. The day of the nickel box is in the past.
    This whole thing got me to thinking about my existing charge of $1 for most things. It costs me 35-cents (minimum) for Paypal, 49-cents for the postage, and 9-cents seller fee. That's 83-cents, leaving 17 cents "profit", blah blah...
    Can we ask for minimum amount orders?
    5. I also want to comment on the whole concept of buyer and seller feedback. I don't think it is right for someone selling 20 items from a nickel-box (so to speak) and someone selling 20 $20.00 items getting the same 20 feedbacks, good or (worse) bad. I have over 10,000 feedbacks but I wouldn't boast about it. If someone were to actually start looking at them and seeing 20 from the same person, for the same day, over and over, my boast is pretty hollow! Some of you may remember me saying "who actually reads all of these feedbacks". I have no idea how you could reflect this. Maybe"regular" and "unleaded" feedback or something......

    Again, Hi Again, Everybody!!!.
  • Hi Jimmy - Welcome! Glad to see you made it.
  • I heard a whisper in the wind that there was a Hip place that echoed both of the old & the new in collectibles.

    HipStamp awakens, but maybe out there in the future some day there'll be a HipPostcard too.

    We'll be waiting. Meantime, enjoy the stamp world!
  • I guess I am another refugee from the BS/SGM madness. What was once a good place to sell stamps went downhill. Let us hope that Hipstamps does well - and it is good to see many of the familiar names here.
  • This.
    Déjà vu, (deɪʒɑː ˈvu) from French, literally "already seen", is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past. Déjà vu is a feeling of familiarity, and déjà vécu (the feeling of having "already lived through" something) is a feeling of recollection. (Wikipedia)

    Hi again!
  • Arno! Hello! Good to see you! It is déjà vu all over again, isn't it? (Adapted from the late great Yogi Berra)
  • This is like finding that home really is a place you can go back to and find some things have not changed, just rearranged.

    Hello to all my friends, good to see you again.
  • Good to have you back, Mark!
  • James Gunnells, My opinion on the feedback is it should be 1 feedback per shipment. You will find I have up to my personal best a 1500+ item order. However the person was a repeat customer and has never left feedback for anyone on the other site. For the one order I should get 1 feedback. That would show the true "Per order" results. I have listed many items under .10 I just filled an order with 250 U.S. #332's in it. All at .09. So there is a market for the penny box material. But it should be 1 Feedback per order. That would be a little more true to performance.
  • Sorry Got side tracked reading the posts. What I wanted to do was congradulate Mark on hitting 120 Stores Pre-Launch. Im sure it will go up from there.
  • Good to see you all again.

  • James Gunnell, Thru your shipping you can make it what ever you want. For instance I offer free shipping after $30.00. So no matter how many .10 items in the cart they get the $2 charge unless it is over $30. The $2 is only to ofset the fees incured by the sale. I am one of the few dealers that has a ile system to handle a 1500 line item order. You are missing a lot of buisness by not making your lower price items available. Scotts Numbering system is well above 5,000. If every dealer had 1 each isted ( mint and used, 10,000 ) 120 dealers on this site. That woul total 1,200,000 listings. Let alone 5 per dealer.
    O.K. You don't want to b other with a .07 stamp. On Ebay look up a 801 it's average sell price is .40. Well above it's value. if it isn't listed how is the collector in Alaska going to get it.
    So The collector can't get itand stops collecting.
    Now no one can ever sell a set of Zeps to him.
    Was your first purchase of a stamp over .10
    If people don't have a way to fill in the cheaper items, they will not collect. They will not tell their kids to collect, and this hoby YES I SAID HOBY is done in one generation.
  • I didn't mean that I don't want to bother with .07 stamps, I was trying to illustrate a worst-case scenario, or something. (Don't sweat the small stuff.)The train of thought is gone.
    But thanks for that, I was debating on whether to continue listing lower-cost items, and I appreciate you helping me remember that's what makes the world go round.
  • Besides That.
    I wonder how much you have sold over the last 5 years on Bid Start. Personally I think maybe you don't have to make a liveing selling stamps. I personally Have shipped 92,000 Items For a total of $78,000 in the last 5 years on Stamp Wants depresing as it is ( 15,600 per year and 7,000 expenses ) WoW I Make 8,000.00 a year. I also have over 110,000 feed back. That is less than $1.00 per item. I did the search and can not even find you. Bid Start says you don't exist. Have a friend try to search and find you. Unless they know specific information you can't be found. It's not the feedback volume it's your branding issues.
  • P.S.This is why I don't do forums on These sites.
    No one makes a living on these sites.
    This is all advertisement for our other things, and a plus income for doing it.
    If you take time and effort yes it is a good buck. But 2-3 hours a day.
    If all this can build to 8 hour a day. We won't be posting in the forums, we will be counting our money.
  • I'm Sorry #801 is puerto rico 800 is Alaska
  • I sold 20 of them in the last month on Stamp wants. I have 85 left. So 105 at the beginning of the month and 20% sold in 30 days.
  • You're such a sweetie! I have listings there, and if you do a search for an item I have available, you'll see me.
  • I believe it's rather difficult to find anyone on bidStart at the moment. It appears that everyone's store subscriptions were cancelled. All store items go through a 30 day cycle there, which means if you have a large enough store your items are cycling through every minute/hour - except that now they're closing instead of relisting! Plus, if you try to re-open your store, in some cases it works, and in some cases it closes all of your listings - but leaves them in search (unavailable for anyone to purchase).
  • What is the listing #, Maybe I can help with the branding. What I am thinking is on face book. Not just listing HipStamp But singeling out several dealers. I joined Face book about a week ago. I never do anything in a hurry. I think we can start dialouge ( even if it's stuff we all know } but make it like a conversation. for instance " I ask you 'What is a watermark'" Then you give a discripton. I think maybe we can get some beginers interested,
  • Mark, So this explains why the glitchy sales. 800 items on Sunday and 5 items since then. I thought something was going on. Then all of a sudden I get a $2.06 sale ( 3 in a row ) for basically nothing. Maybe their search was interupted, and in disgust they just paid and ended it. So an unhappy customer. Explains The werd action of late.
  • P.S. I purposely miss spell some words. Weird is werd/weirde because it is weird. I do this to stimulate aattention span. Yes double a.
  • It is amazing to see so many names here I recognize! I wasn't one of the originals on Bidstart having come there in 2007. I do go back as far as Stamp which is pretty far back..... I'm looking forward to what I think will be a great site for buyers and sellers alike
  • With the people we're getting so far, and Mark at the helm, things are sure to be swell again!
  • Hey Paul... Come up for some air Man! :smiley: Your doing just fine! LOL...
  • Internal Server Error This showed 3 times today on Bid Start.
    Michael David Hiltner
    I incorporated about 2 years ago and my year on year growth is pretty steady. Totally surprising to me. Since my wife died of cancer 1.5 years ago, and last September I moved to Pahrump, from las Vegas. And all this with the whole Stan Gibs thing, I think with this site I will shock the Accountant next year, Now that the business has all of my attention. As well as my computer Genius Girl Friend ( Straight A's And B's in medical admin. ). So a potential bright future moving forward. So that 5 year average is also a growth figure into it. Probably 3,000 the first year.
    I do know, sales dropped at the first of the year and it is frustrating when you are trying to build.
  • I have not felt this optimistic in years ! Although I only started selling on Bidstart in 2010 - I bought on StampWants way back when. I can't wait until the day I can cash out my big $5.00 on SGM and close it all down !! Steve
  • Glad you got here Steve. I go back to Stamp Wants as well. You can still see the site in The Wayback Machine

  • This is Deja-Vu!

    Hi Mark, Doug, Jeri, Arno, Dianne, Greg, and all the others who were breaking new ground over on StampWants a decade ago!!

    [ding, ding] "Round 2..."

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