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Have been trying to use the bulk lister. First try said failure due to missing "custom end time" Specification say this is an optional field (am I assume it is used for auctions). Anyway, I updated the bulk lister file with 2/2/2017, reloaded and it appears to work.


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  • I was not able to reproduce this bug. However, we made an update regardless, so I don't believe it should happen again. If you have a similar issue again, please let me know!
  • Mark, thank you for the fix. I reloaded the bulk lister with the custom end time blank and the file loaded okay. I found three other issues which I don't know if I am using it wrong or if they are bugs. 1) I put in a buy price of 1.00 but the price does not show up in the store listing. If I then edit the item, the price I loaded is in the buy price field and if I then save process, the price will show in the store listing. 2) in the catalog number field I put in 197-199 (3 stamp set). Only 197 shows up. Is this field intended for a single cat # or is the dash causing a problem. 3) I set my shipping to domestic $1.25 and Canada $2.50 in setting up the store. I did not fill in any shipping fields on bulk lister. When run, no shipping information shown in store listing. I was assuming my setup shipping would be defaulted. Thanks in advance for any clarification. Bill
  • I am wondering if there is some sort of tutorial for the bulk lister. I have made 2 tries. The first, I got some errors. I made guesses as to what the problem fields should be and tried again. I got the exact same set of errors. So I really don't know how to use this at all and will wait until the sync with BidStart comes online. My "real job" prohibits me from trying and failing over and over.

    BTW, here are the errors:
    ERRORS: 'Buy It Now Price' is required and cannot be empty.; The country id 'US' is invalid.; 'State/County' is required and cannot be empty.; 'Zip/Post Code' is required and cannot be empty.;

    "AL" is not a valid entry for the "State/County". Could you give me an example?
    I tried just the "start price" then the "Start Priice" and "Buyout Price" but still the "Buy It Now Price" is wrong. Where do I put the Buy It Now price?

    On my second try, I thought that I would get at least one of these fixed. But no.
    In the sample template I downloaded, there is no "Buy It Now", or "Zip/Post Code".
  • James, try inputting 2107 for in state/county field for Alabama. Hipstamp is looking for a integer value, not the state name. zip code should go into a field labelled "address". I think the "buyout price" is the "buy it now".
  • I'm working on putting together some examples, and a video tutorial. They should be out by next week. I apologize for the delay, as they're definitely needed!

    In the mean time, just delete Country, State/County and Zip/Post Code from your file (delete the entire columns). Your default values will be used instead (you'll need to re-select the "Default System Template" when you're uploading your file - instead of using the "Last Saved Settings" option). And yes the "buyout_price" is the "Buy It Now" Price. That's what you need to fill in for the price of you items.

    Also note, if you're familiar with the bidStart Bulk Uploader you can upload bidStart files into our Bulk Lister - just select the "bidStart" template when uploading.
  • Well, that's great! I have been using the BidStart one, so should be happy as a lark, whilst I get up to speed on the new one. It looks more powerful. Thanks for the quick response, I've also confirmed I've got you moved out of my "junk" email folder. That really sounds awful, but not as bad as "trash"!
    Thanks to Mark and Bill, between the two of you I can maybe get this figured out tonight, except there's the BidStart option. (Happy smiley-face goes here)
    I've manually added 8 listings, to see how they would look. My images look really nice, and the files were so small I wondered how they'd look.
  • Much better. I got a sample of 5 uploaded successfully, using the new lister here. I looked at the new listings and they appeared ok, except that the price wasn't showing. I chose that one, clicked Edit, the price was there, and just scrolled down to the bottom to Proceed without changing anything, and took care of it.
    I may have gotten over-zealous and cleared the start_price (I had that and the buyout previously)

    I REALLY like keeping the uploaded pix available! It's things like this that make it more enticing.
  • OK,
    So I am trying to use the BidStart format for the bulk lister. My results in the Excel file (reports) say, in Column E, "SUCCESS", and in column F, "NOTICES: This item was skipped, as the quantity was set to zero.; "
    Has anybody seen this, and if so how to correct the problem?
  • James,

    Can you email us your file to

  • James,
    It should work now - we just needed a slightly different template. I sent you an email with more details.
  • Well, it almost totally worked - except I had some filename errors for a few of my images. Thanks very much!
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