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Paypal charges for small purchases are onerous. Is there a way to set a hurdle under which payment must be made in cash, check or money order?




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  • If you also Buy/Sell on the Delcampe site you will notice that many/most European dealers Add 2 or 3 Euros or 2-3% of the Purchase price to the Invoice to cover the PayPal fees. However, I don't think that would 'fly' in the U.S. I like the idea of Direct Payment for smaller items. I have found customers like that option too. Its a pleasant thing to open an envelope with a couple 5 Euro notes in it. Thank You for an excellent post Bob. Good Holidays to all... Dan
  • Thanks for the kind words Dan. Example... Sell an item for $5. Accept Paypal. Here's how it breaks out

    5.00 sale price
    -.3 Paypal base fee
    -.15 Paypal 2.9% transaction fee
    -.4 Bidstart fee

    net = $4.15

    That's an effective 17% fee with 9% of that going to Paypal.

    Would be a good feature to set a seller designated floor for Paypal payments. Micropayment accounts at Paypal are better % wise for small sales but really hurt you for bigger dollar price items.


  • Absent a threshold, sellers need to be aware of all of the associated fees before they decide to list.

    Yesterday I won an auction from a European-based seller offering free shipping, worldwide. The winning bid for the lot was $0.99 and payment was made by Paypal.

    Ironically, the seller isn't yet registered with Paypal and, not surprisingly, hasn't accepted the payment as of yet.

    I'm waiting for the email asking me to cancel the transaction as the seller has probably realized that he or she will lose money if it is completed.
  • Buyers, too, need to learn to be aware of fees. I remember years ago on that other site a buyer upset because I wouldn't just charge for a first class stamp for the "shipping"
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