Please make the necessary corrections to the Category list.

As early as in October, I and others reported some pretty bad errors in your Category List.
While you may argue that some of the allocations that shock me personally are borderline cases (Iran is NOT a Middle Eastern Country, but an Asian country, just like Afghanistan, etc...), there are some REAL MISTAKES that reflect badly on your site and make it look amateurish!
Image is important, Mark! If you need a reference for some difficult cases, you can check a world atlas or even some of the other sites. But some of the mistakes are just not acceptable:

I was just looking at one category (Middle east) that needs a MAJOR rework:

As an example, GIBRALTAR is now shown under Middle East! (it is in Europe)
Brunei is now in Middle East. Look at the map, it sits on an island near the Philippines and Indonesia!
Gaza per your list is a country? The two stamps listed today are Palestine O/P...not surprising someone got confused.
Dubai is missing completely

here are some other blatant mistakes I ran into...and I did not spend my time going over your whole list line by line, but someone at Hipstamp should.

Cocos Islands is shown in the Central and South Americas Region (it is in the Indian Ocean and is an Australian Territory!)

While Armenia, and Azerbaijan straddle the Europe/Asia border just like Turkey, the mass of their territory is in Asia.
But Kazakstan, Tajikistan etc etc....are clearly in Asia, and NOT in Europe. Many of the former USSR republic are misplaced.

And I don't understand at all the Worldwide category (traditionally for UN, and a few misfits), and in particular the created regions of Indian Ocean and South Atlantic Ocean, which seem to have gathered a very strange list of occupants, many not belonging there at all, (not surprising since I am not aware of such a designation in other geographical lists).
The content of this category as it stands now is SADLY hilarious...just take a look!

I hope we don't have to wait another 3 months before someone looks and corrects these embarrassing mistakes.
I know the automatic allocation of the previous listings from BS did create some issues, but shouldn't someone have dealt with them by now? Or at list corrected the basic list, so that sellers can do it themselves right?

Otherwise..I still like the site, and what you are doing!


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  • I pointed this out over a year ago: Gibraltar is BRITISH EUROPE not Middle East. I see others have mentioned it, and it is still not corrected, and that other geographical errors have been noted. Why has it not been corrected yet? Makes you lose faith, doesn't it?
  • Yeah, I really fon't see why these simple mistakes, that we have been discussing for a year, are not corrected! Is it so hard!
    Quite frankly, it is embarassing!
  • Maybe it isn't that easy. What happens to all the listings that are under Gibraltar - Middle East? Do these listings have to be moved, also or end up in "La la land"? Then they don't show up in a search. There are over 9,600 Gibraltar listed.
  • I'm with you, Ralph. It reflects badly on the site, doesn't it?
  • They shouldn't have started off in the Middle East in the first place, Jerry!
  • I also mention BRUNEI. It is in Asia Folks! Not in the Middle East!
  • Sam, many of the old BidStart/SG sellers didn't have a choice when listings were imported into HipStamp. We didn't know at the time there were category or other mistakes. I fix errors/mistakes in my listings (from the import) on a daily basis. Fixed over 100 today and I'm sure other sellers do the same.

    We all make mistakes - have some patience. I've been with Mark over 10 years and at some point he will correct this issue.
  • Sam and Ralph,

    Gibraltar was fixed awhile ago. They are now showing up as a cat under Europe.
  • See how quickly that got fixed :)
  • Back in December 2016 Ralph Anavy put a great deal of thought into his comments to start this thread. I understand Gibraltar has now been moved. I gave him a LIKES vote so at this time he has three LIKES. Others put no work into their input but get 2 or 3 LIKES. Shouldn't the contributors have to make a worthwhile point to clutter up a worthwhile thread? Thanks for your input Ralph I think you made some great and worthwhile points.
  • Nope. just checked - it's still in the Middle East! As if we didn't have enough problems! Who cares about likes?
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    Actually, it's now under "Europe". But when you look up "British Commonwealth", it's listed under "British Middle East" and not "British Europe". So a correction is still required, Michael, and the thread is still relevant!
  • Sam,

    I never said the thread wasn't relevant. All I was going by was the fact that it mentioned that Gibraltar had been set up in Europe. (My fault I didn't go and check in British Europe.) The point that should be taken from is that some of things are being worked on,but just not in the time frame some may think it should be done in. It will get there.

    How many other things are being worked on at the moment?
  • Sam,

    The ironic part is that a number of the people who have had a laundry list of multiple issues that they see as being needed to be fixed even after Mark has fixed a number of those issues are still the same ones wondering WHY it's taking so long to fix some of the other issues. Chill out guys,it will get there.
  • OK, Michael. I was just sore at being placed in the Middle East!
  • Sam,

    No problem,we just have to remember it's a fairly new site,it's only been up and running for a little over a year. I do agree it needs to be taken care sometime down the line. The question is is it a top ten priority towards the running of the site?
    If not then it will be awhile before it's done,as the items that are most critical to be done should be done first. The rest will come in time. Till then it's a waiting game.
  • Hey guys/ is all about priorities. trust Mark, he is doing his best.
    it will get done one day...or not. It is not the end of the world!
  • If we ever get a little impatient all we have to do is remember where SG was after 3 years (May it rest it in peace).
  • Also, keep in mind, there are 2 other HipCommerce sites that vie for Mark's attention. So, his plate is pretty full at all times.
  • And then there is California....not sure just how and where to designate it.....and certainly there ought to be a separation of Northern from Southern Cal as they are worlds apart. (i.e. when Boeing was considering locating a plant in CA they ran into a problem because only left wings could be made there) ;-)
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