$195,000 in Stamps Sold

Prior to our acquisition of bidStart in August, combined Sales between bidStart and HipStamp were below $100,000 per month, and were brought to $105,000 by August/September. In early November we had announced that we would be providing quarterly GMV updates, and at the time we had brought Sales up to $140,000 by October.

While we will provide a more detailed update soon, we're excited to let you know that our GMV (Sales) in December on HipStamp were $195,000! This not only represents more than 100% growth since our acquisition of bidStart, but this is also the most stamps sold within any month ever on StampWants/bidStart (including pre Stanley Gibbons) or HipStamp.

Thank you for helping us reach this important milestone, and we'll be working hard to ensure significant and continued growth throughout 2017!


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  • Great to hear, Mark!!

    Congrats on the success :smiley:
  • Totally awesome! Congratulations!
  • That's terrific, Mark! Congratulations!!
  • Incredible growth and quickly, too!. Congrats!
  • Congrats to both Mark and Justin for reaching such a promising milestone.
  • Congrats to all sellers and buyers for hitting the milestone. Looking forward to more and more sales on the site.
  • Great news to hear. Lets hope that by the time 2018 arrives the sales figure has doubled or more. Are similar figures available for HipComics and HipPostcards?
  • Great news. Congratulations.
  • Congratulations, Mark. (I hope your mojo starts working on HipComic soon. :smile: )
  • So of total sold, you quoted dollars,dollars went where globally????????
  • I don't recall seeing this quantity of auctions on bidStart.
  • Paul, Bidstart was a complete flop. Should never be mentioned ever again, all but killed SG into bankruptcy, SG almost went bust on the stock market
    I listed there and did not sell ONE item.
    HipStamp is working just fine, I Luv it
    You can start here http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/business/industries/retailing/article3585631.ece
    then search stampboards (Australia)
    Mark is doing OK, got a million or so in the bank from SG
  • [Quote]"So of total sold, you quoted dollars,dollars went where globally????????"[Unquote]
    No fuging idea I bet, propaganda bullshxxt.
  • Sam mate, you need to clean up your act and cut out the expletives, disguised or otherwise.
  • BS was not a flop until after its purchase by SG. I sold many many stamps there until SG decided to "reinvent the wheel". Hipstamp sales for me started a dramatic increase in December, so Mark is doing something right as far as promotion of the site.. I am getting new customers, and judging from the low feedback scores many of the new buyers have they are new to Hipstamp. Sales so far this month have been better than December.
  • Sam, do as your doctor prescribes; stay on the meds. You tend to spout a lot of nonsense, otherwise.
  • Sam,

    One thing you need to understand running about a business. 90-95% of the sales will always be taken up by the top 20% of the sellers. 2 of the top sellers by volume have sold OVER 450,000 items between Bidstart and Hipstamp. If you take the next top 10 your most likely talking about 2,000,000 items sold between just those 12 sellers. Pretty easy to figure that those numbers are accurate when you understand that most of the volume is taken up by the top 10-15 sellers.

    As for international sales about 1/3 of mine are overseas. (Some months are a bit more some are a bit less so....)
  • •• Bidstart was a complete flop. Should never be mentioned ever again ••

    Samuel Kelly, you have been verging on being a Troll for a while. This almost puts you over the top.

    BidStart was a wonderful marketplace and community for many of us for a long time before we ever saw your avatar. I sold more items on BidStart than I ever would have imagined, and had loads of fun and met lots of friendly people.

    Blaming a marketplace for your own failure to sell your items shows you are not willing to examine yourself and think rationally.

    Ted is right - you need to slow down, listen to your doctor, and think before posting your rants.
  • In other words, "ADAPT AND THRIVE!"

  • I try to keep etiquette polite and comments useful but I have to give a +1 to all the Sam comments. If HipStamp isn't for you, just leave - no reason to poison the rest of us with your negativity.
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    HipStamps is good, I luv it and I am staying with, i closed my Ebay Store to migrate to Hipstamp.
    A quoted sales of $195,000 is really dangerous if one cannot show where it went/came from.
    This is what I asked, and it took a very aggressive post above to get a response.
    I don't know how your tax system works in the US,
    Michael you quoted " 2 of the top sellers by volume have sold OVER 450,000 items". Your IRS would be interested in that.
    In Australia Ebay have to submitt to the Australian Taxation Office ANYBODY that does $10,000 in sales.
    Why, because that is income, in anybodys book, and the fees for sales are a 100% tax deduction, and so is the postage costs.
    So listed above USD$195,000 in sales, you Michael have quoted " 2 of the top sellers by volume have sold OVER 450,000 items"
    You might both find your selfs answering to the IRS.
  • Sam,

    First of all the only thing I was trying to do was point in the right direction for you to try and get some more info. Hipstamp is NOT required to give you any more information then they have. If Mark chooses to give out that info that is his choice. (Getting mad about it isn't going to help you out in any way shape or form) You may want to try to talk to some of those sellers. You may or may not get more information from some of the other sellers IF they are willing to share that information and you may find out some usable information from them. (If they choose NOT to that is their choice) On some of these things you may have to do a bit more research then expecting it to be handed to you on silver platter.

    Second of all in the US Paypal for one MUST send the info to the IRS if you receive more than $20,000 in sales per year. The IRS already knows what those sellers are doing.

  • Sam,

    And thirdly,if you are going to make the claim that the numbers are propaganda,the onus is on you to PROVE that it is.
    The other point of that post was that there are enough sellers doing well enough to ACCOUNT for the $195,000 in sales last month.
  • A noble effort Michael but I wouldn't even waste your time.
  • So... stepping around the noisy oyster ... and back to the headline news at top of thread -

    Mark, any GMV data for HipPostcard, the kid sister to HipStamp? The forum over there is so, so quiet, I thought I'd stop on by to meet with up BidStart pals. And, yes, BidStart, StampWants before that, was humming till end of 2012.
  • For me the important sales figure for me is what my own Hipstamp store is selling, and that seems to be increasing each month after some turmoil when BS was integrated in Hipstamp. I am pleased both with the increasing sales level, and the number of new customers. I hope that Hipstamp ends up with a gross sales figure of over a million a month - that would mean I would be very happy, and I'm sure MR would be very happy, and most sellers here would be pleased. As sales increase that gives MR & Co more $ to advertise with, and lets management earn a decent wage.
  • Hey Mark, are you going to announce the 1 Millionth stamp sold? That was pretty awesome in the past. Just wondering.
  • I was with Bidstart for years as well as Stanley Gibbons as their "My Collection" area helped my sister and I compare stamps as we are both collectors but in different states. They also gave a rough estimation of ones collection value!
    When Bidstart went to SG - I did very poorly - the buyers I had were usually from Europe but very few of them.
    Now we are Hipstamp I think my sales have done better globally!
    I do find some areas of HipStamp a bit difficult to use/find/reply - but an email to Mark quickly sorts that out - he is always there for any questions and always answers.
    Give Hipstamp your support - it is baby steps for a while........but improving all the time.
    SG is NOT getting my subscription next time as their so called catalogue of stamps to add to my collecting is SOOoooooo far behind it is not funny! All the people in the world without jobs and SG can't get anyone to upgrade their stamps catalogue - some only go as far and 2008 and we have just kicked over another year!
  • I can understand now how the profit margin has risen up so much, I just sold 1 set of stamps at catalogue value for 45c on looking at my paypal account I see I have made a total of 11c the rest 34c went to hipstamps. or Paypal not sure which...... My sales have been terrible so far and don't know how to make it any better so you can imagine the excitement I got selling 1 set of stamps only to be charged so much does not seem worth it now..................... sorry if I sound negative but selling 45c worth of stamps and giving the profit away is very disheartening
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