Are there any grownups left here?

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Enough already with the bickering. Can the adults please come back on the forums? I have, until recently, enjoyed the discussions but it is really getting tiresome now to read how someone is better at selling or someone is complaining about some nuance on the site. It is really getting old fast. Sure, make the suggestions for improvement, even repeat the suggestions once in a while. But, is all this whining good for us or the site? If I were a new buyer on this site it might have tuned me off for good.


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  • Hi ya wayne...Heading to the stamp shop today. Going to try and get some picture's of the stamps from floor to celling. Most I've seen in one place in a long time. What have you got in new stamps? info please!!
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    Wayne, agree with you a million percent. Act like an adult, don't be rude, don't hide behind anonymity just because the people you are talking to are hundreds of miles away, treat others with respect even when you air your differences, and if your go-to behavior is to have a childish temper tantrum then go somewhere else - the Internet is a big place.
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    Lee, I am busy working at getting an actual inventory together. By that I do not mean buying stamps but just trying to get some sense as to what I already have. I think I will have it pretty much under control in another 100 years! So right now I am rarely buying anything or listing anything new. And now with getting things together and in order for tax season I will be a busy old man.
  • Wayne I agree. That is awesome Lee, I am itching to get to a show soon.
  • Wayne,

    Just to clarify a couple of things. First and foremost the posts were NOT about how great the larger sellers are,the point was and is the KNOWLEDGE they have learned from their trails and and errors about what works best. The larger sellers do have a large knowledge base from years of doing this and that knowledge should be being used in a manner that is good for the whole site. It was not my intention to somehow make the larger sellers out to be better then the rest. The two points were that there are enough sellers doing enough volume to account for the sales volume and two that there is enough experience and knowledge to make things better.

    See it's not just Hipstamp itself that draws the buyers in but the larger sellers themselves can also draw in some of the buyers. And the thing is due to the very nature and size of the amount of material that is out there,there is NOT one single seller that can even begin to try to list one of every single item. I know I can't and I know that many of those buyers will if I don't have what they are looking for that day will buy from some of the other sellers. And that's not a bad thing. What is a problem is that Hipstamp itself is competing with Delcampe and Ebay and would be rather have them going to the other places or would we prefer that they come here?

    If the ultimate goal of Hipstamp is to truly compete with Delcampe and Ebay on an international level do you think it would be a good idea to talk to the larger sellers that do sell internationally,or to the international sellers that have been successful on HOW they do some things and what has worked best,due to the knowledge that they have learned over the years?

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