SolvedEmails for Favorite Store Listings

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I have these turned off yet I'm still receiving them. :(


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  • :smiley: try unsubscribing
  • Please read carefully what I said Andrew.
  • It worked for me.
  • Rod - It looks like you had 2 accounts with us, koalastamps and sgmstamps - both of which had Favorite Stores selected. It appears you only turned off the notifications in one account. I've gone ahead and done this for you in your other account as well, so you should no longer receive any such notifications.
  • Thanks Mark, didn't realise the sgmstamps account was still lurking somewhere as it was closed on bidstart. Which leads me to a small favour. Are you able to resurrect the sgmstamps feedback and transfer it to the koalastamps account for me? Much obliged, Rod.
  • Mark, I'm still getting unsolicited emails. The latest is regarding your offer regarding mutli-seller checkout, which I received twice. I've double checked that I've opted out of all site emails yet these still keep spamming me. Why? Thanks, Rod
  • Spammed again today - 1¢ No Reserve Auction ★ 400 Stamps Ending in 24 Hours
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    Without having a copy of the actual email you're referring to, I'm not sure what account it's linked to. However, if you just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email you won't receive any further newsletters from us. Note that deactivating notifications for new listings from your favorite stores wouldn't have any effect on receiving email newsletters.

    If you have a question regarding feedback, please use the Contact Us link to send in a support ticket, and our team will follow up with you accordingly.
  • Ok, thanks. So there are some emails not covered by email notification setup?
  • There are some emails you can't turn on and off at the moment, like sales notifications, etc. Newsletters can be turned off, which you should be able to do from the Email Preferences section of the Members Area - although it may take a few days to update. However, if you use the link in the email, that should do the trick instantly (plus you wouldn't need to worry about what account the email is tied to).

    If afterward you still receive any emails you believe you should not be, just forward a copy of them to our support staff with a note and we'll take care of it for you.
  • Thanks again. I just need to keep email clutter to a minimum, it's not that I don't appreciate the service.
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