Blocking buyers

"Hello ,
Just got your mail returning 72 items with no explanation of why they are being returned. I asked you before to explain the reason and got no answer. I can understand that something may be wrong with a couple of stamps, but with almost 50% of 180, no way. Perhaps you confuse my store with an approval dealer. I will forward this to Hipstamp for clarification. Please return ALL stamps so I can cancel your order and give you a full refund via Paypal.
Kindly refrain from purchasing anything else from my store. Thank you,
Carlos Aristy"
Just sent this to a Conneticut buyer, back in BS I would have blocked her, return her money a NEVER hear from her again. Here I have to endure that she may be back, and back and back... We need to be able to block certain people, they can go and bother somebody else with their nonsense, but not me. I always own my mistakes and do my best to make it right. It is not right to waste time and money with
kind of nonsense.


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  • This is a must. I just had some report me to paypal. Because card did not arrive without even given me a chance to respond. Would love to block this person
  • I concur wholeheartedly and have no idea what the problem in providing this vital tool for sellers is.
  • Buyers want to block certain sellers and sellers want to block certain buyers and both sides have 100% valid reasons for doing so.

    I'm not sure either why this hasn't been set up - since it's been requested since nearly the beginning of the overhauled site. Great tool for all involved no matter which side of the coin you're on.
  • Perhaps Hipstamp management would explain why this feature cannot or will not be provided?
  • As a seller I would like to have the capability to block a buyer that does not pay or continually returns items unless they are damaged or not as described. I also think buyers should be able to block a seller for not sending items or continually mis-describes items.
  • One method of blocking could be as easy as sending a purchaser's money right back to them upon recognition of the buyer when you receive notification of payment by PayPal. But that is far less satisfactory than a simple blocking mechanism and I think PayPal still retains a portion of its fees so it costs the seller $.
  • Maybe if that retained fee is not that much, that could be the cost for peace of mind until the function is added to this site?
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    It is hard to recognize problem buyers by id/name over time, especially if one sells to a lot of folks. (I am only "medium old" but can remember only so much :smile: )

    I mentioned this in a separate thread but my problem is that problem buyers are seeking me out on other sites that have fewer/less restrictive rules than the site they are blocked/restricted on.

    I hope that block buyer functionality is added to Hipstamp soon.
  • How old is "medium old". I am 73. DO I qualify or am I still at "barely old"?
  • I think my own plan is to always call myself medium old. (you've got a few more years of wisdom building than me)

    I've always fondly remembered my wife's grandma, she was always complaining about the old ladies that lived down the hall from her at the retirement home. She was 92 at the time, and probably was older than the complainees.....
  • Ron, my mother-in-law is 95 and I think she will be getting old in a few more years. And I failed ALL the wisdom building classes
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