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In case you missed it (I only noticed it minutes ago), you can now filter search results to show all stores with sales, stores with sales discounts of 25% or more, and stores with sales discounts of 50% or more.

I just hope dealers don't start abusing the system by listing their items with inflated prices just to keep a perpetual "sale" going on, in order to show up in the "sale" listings.



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  • I already have seen that happening Ted. I call it the Shopko mentality. Raise the price then advertise 70% off. I think some sellers just think that way. I usually skip right on by. Have a nice day.
  • I am running a sale this month 40% off (all sales over $7.00) - NONE of my items show up in the search because the sale is a promotion that has the greater than $7.00 restriction).. Unlike others I truly am giving large discounts off of my already lower prices. From now on - I will do a straight % Off sale - so folks can see the item is on sale when they search. Several people have told me they did not know I was offering a sale.. Steve
  • Some always advertise SALE but they mean as related to full Catalog Price, even when not appropriate. (MNH, F/VF etc...)
    I find that after a while I really resent this and stop looking at their stores. Hope other buyers do the same!
    While it may be legal, it is a scam! (sorry..bad night
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