March Madness 50% discount on all First Day and Event Covers

During the month of March I will be discounting 50% on all 6,400 US and Worldwide First Day and Event Covers in my store!
March Madness is here! Follow the below link for great savings


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  • Great deals! Thanks, Michael!!
  • FYI. unless I did something wrong and I cannot see how I could... your postage calculator showed a red circle with red line through it.. clicked for postage to UK and 1 item... Just trying to help you. Michael cddstamps
  • Michael: Not sure why you saw that red circle, I ship to the UK all the time and it is setup in the postage calculator as a country that I will ship to along with most of the rest of Europe.
  • As noted in the "Site Seems Slow" thread, there appear to be some issues going on today.

  • Michael A,, yes I know you ship to UK.. I just was pointing out that it wouldn't let me get postage for UK..or anywhere for that matter,, Perhaps resolved now I hope so for you. Best wishes Michael
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