Does anyone know if Hipstamps now open for buying and selling? I noticed that there is another giveaway of Great Britain #1.


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  • Hi Douglas,

    Looks as if everything has been sorted out now. Looking at my own adverts I see the "add to cart" button is back.

    Great news, I think.

  • The banner is gone!
  • John Coles July 9: "I just closed my store on this site. Mark, if you read this message please close my account on HipStamp. Thank You John"

    Oh ye of little faith.
  • I closed my Hipstamp store because the inventory was all messed up because of bidStart changed ID number.

    My store was reopened on Hipstamp a few days ago and the inventory is correct now. Just in time LOL
  • Welcome back, everybody!
  • Anybody knows what happens with the existing inventory on Hipstamp and the actual inventory that fluctuated while the banner was up? Do I have to go through all my 16000 listings to adjust?
  • I am concerned now if the store is up again - so much has changed over the down time. I see stamps still here that have already sold on Bidstart since then. Is the Synch still down as it was before the down time ? Do I need to go thru the process of doing a complete refresh ?
  • Hi All!

    I'll be sending out the following communication via email to Sellers shortly, but hopefully this is a start to answering any questions you may have:

    I’m happy to report that is now back open for business! Buyers can once again purchase items through, and we’ll begin re-starting marketing efforts shortly.

    I can also now confirm, per a joint Press Release issued by Stanley Gibbons and myself earlier today, that I will be purchasing bidStart - with the deal scheduled to close on or before August 1.

    As you know, I started HipStamp to pick-up where we all left off together with bidStart, and since then, I’ve been working with Sellers like you, to not only build the best online marketplace for stamps - but the future of stamp collecting online. This mission will continue with HipStamp, and I’m looking forward to working on our future together. With that in mind, for the time being, bidStart will continue to operate independently (mostly as-is).

    However, with regards to our automatic bidStart sync on HipStamp, we’ll be restarting this feature shortly. If you’ve since made changes to your listings directly on HipStamp, and do not want your listings to be synced from bidStart any further, please turn off this feature from the Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > bidStart Sync page on HipStamp.

    I’m sure there will be many questions, and I’m looking forward to providing more detailed and exciting updates soon! In the interim, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me directly; and thank you again for all of your support - it’s been incredibly helpful to myself and my family these past few months.

    Best Regards,
    Mark Rosenberg
    CEO & Founder - Hip eCommerce / HipStamp
  • This IS great news! Thank you!
  • Hip Hip Hooray
  • Jacques,

    Hipstamp has a tool to remove any sold items off of bidstart. Just go into Bidstart and under your sold table,select the dates you need. Go down to the bottom of the sold table and click on the box at the right that says apply to,and click All items in search/filter. To the left you should see a box that says export to csv. Download that file.

    Then go into Hipstamp and click members area. Go to sellers tools. Then click on the bulk lister. On the bulk lister you will see a green box. Click the box and upload the csv file. Ater doing that click on the box that says field mapping template. Click on the line that says bidstart items I've sold Export (Close items). Then click on the blue upload box.

    On the next page check this box

    Convert bidStart Categories

    Then click on the blue button that says save and process.

    It's pretty simple after you use it a few times. For the first couple of times you might want to try a small file to begin with.

  • Absolutely the best news I have heard in a long time. Will wait to figure out what to do until the details are all sorted out. Obvious question to start would be does that mean that both Bidstart and Hipstamp will operate independently and if so for what time period (long term vs short term).. My hipstamp inventory is separate from my Bidstart inventory at this point in time.
  • Mark congratulations, a winner all the way around! Let's move forward! God speed!!!
  • Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us. We appreciate you all so much ❤
  • Amy or Mark, can you give us a timeline for the sync between HS and BS? I have stamps that are listed here but not there and vice versa. Plus the big question is, is BS still going away and which site should we be listing on?
  • Mark,

    For those of us that were experimental guinea pigs and are synced to the marketplace,would I be correct in thinking that the sync will be broken between the marketplace and Bidstart? And if so is that going to affect the Bidstart listings?
  • Excellent news ! Time to get listing again.
  • Congratulation's,
    Yes it is time to get back to work.
  • Technically, the bidStart Sync could be turned back on, fully functional, as earlier as today. However, I was planning on waiting a few days, because if anyone had made changes directly to their listings on HipStamp (and were still using the sync) I wouldn't want those changes to be overwritten. Per the email I sent to Sellers yesterday, if that is the case, simply turn off the bidStart Sync.

    With that in mind, it will most likely be Monday or Tuesday.

    Once the deal is closed, the intention is that bidStart will continue running mostly as-is for the time being, as if it were still an independent website from HipStamp.
  • For some reason I never got the email - and only at first heard the rumors that this was happening and then I read about it here. Was there anything else in the email that I need to know ? Is there some place I needed to sign up to get emails ? I do have my store open here but I would like to make sure I get any future communications.
    Once the sync is turned back on will it capture all of the Bidstart store changes since my initial load of my items here. I have not made any direct updates here - so I will be happy if it all happens automatically whatever day it happens ! Steve
  • Steve,

    I checked and I had sent you an email yesterday - I sent it to your AOL account - perhaps check your spam folder?

    Yes, everything will be handled automatically once it's turned back on.
  • Dang, Mark, it sure is good to hear from you again! Missed you and Amy! Glad things have worked out well.
  • Mark, Nope - the email is not in the Spam Folder either. I will add your email to my address book - I have noticed alot of emails going to AOL just vanish and never show up in the inbox or spam folder. I do not use AOL for my personal emails but the AOL email is so tied up with PayPal and everything related to selling stamps online - I just do not want to change it. I am getting all of the Hipstamp forum notices coming thru however ! Thanks for answering my question about the Sync. Steve
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    I can't comment on the Stanley Gibbons Marketplace, though I would imagine after the closing of the deal for bidStart, Stanley Gibbons would provide an update. However, you can read the joint press release here for further comments by Stanley Gibbons themselves:
  • I jumped off that other sinking ship, guess I need to find a life raft. Good luck Mark.
  • Mark,

    What of those of us who don't deal in stamps? Will you be making any announcement re those categories, eg postcards, and whether BidStart will be an ongoing platform to trade them on?

    I temporarily closed my BidStart store back in early April because the site had had major problems and my inventory was no longer syncing reliably with my eBay listings. If BidStart won't be available I guess I'll just need to move on.
  • I hope that BS will stay up just for Postcards and other items. I'd hate to lose all of that.
  • Mark,

    What Stanley Gibbons does with the Marketplace is not the question and they will in their good time hopefully answer those questions. Knowing that there are issues with the sync between Bidstart and the Marketplace wouldn't it be better to find out if that sync is going to be broken BEFORE syncing the items to Hipstamp? Just a bit concerned about the potential problems as I am not sure how this stuff works so..... (Better to ask the questions)
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