Not TakenBest Offer Glitch

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Had a customer make 3 best offers. I accepted them. Then the customer bought 25 items at normal price.
When he checked out and paid, The best offer items were not paid for. As I didn't want to get into the drama of it all ( as time is money ) I simply sent the 3 items with the order and marked them as paid. I now will never do best offers again, Lesson learned.
However I do think this glitch should be addressed.


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  • This is not a glitch.

    When a buyer has an unpaid order, whether from auction wins, or best offers, and they place a new order with the same seller, it will automatically be combined with any unpaid orders made within the last 5 days (the buyer has the option not to combine orders as well).

    In this specific case, the orders were not automatically combined, because they were made more than 5 days apart. So the buyer had two orders, one which was paid for, and one which was not. The unpaid order should not have been marked as paid, or shipped - since it was unpaid. The buyer would have no expectation to receive these items, as they had not yet paid for them.
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