Only a suggestion - but how about a total value of goods in a store

Hi If you can already do this please accept my apologies

I am reviewing my insurances and one thing that would be useful (though not yet - but If I ever get to listing many thousands of stamps) is to have a total value of my store - this would act in some way to proof of value on the insurance forms and assist in the event of a claim should that ever be necessary.



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  • We had it with Bidstart and it could be broken down by country and if I remember correctly by area (Asia, Europe, etc). I used it often - it was one of the most useful tools we had.
    You can do it with the csv file but the only time I use it is at tax time so have to search for how to use it. I once lost my store inventory when using it (they got it back for me) so am reluctant to use it unless absolutely necessary.
  • Yes, that was one of several of the great tools on BidStart that have not made over to this site..
  • Yes, that would certainly be nice. I used it every year when completing my taxes.
  • I was using the CSV report to do it, but yes just a simple total would be handy some times.
  • agreed would be nice to have, was agreat feature on Bidstart
  • You beat me to it! I was just thinking about this days ago. That and the sales reports, no graphs, are very useful.
    I used it to track sales and inventory, now I have no clue of value for the store, etc.
  • Yes that would be very helpful to get a snap shot of what the total dollar value is instead of having to down load a CSV file every time to get a total.
  • I'll ring in too... I too also miss this function from the BidStart site! Let's see this simple feature re-engaged (soon).
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