SolvedHome page is not displaying image as I list new items.

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The counter is adding each new listing to total and the listing is placed in to the correct category but it does not show on the home page.
Today I listed 4 stamps at first I thought it was a busy day with lots of listing !
Can someone take a look please thank you


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  • Same here, listed 10 items, all appeared in country listing but doesn't show up on main page.
  • The default sort order is not the same as "Recently Listed" (which is an available option to sort by), so new items will not necessarily be at the top of the default sort. The default sort (best match) order takes into account a variety of different factors, to present items to buyers in a way which results in the highest conversion rate (sales). Based on historical data and testing, the best match sort is something we're always improving as well.
  • Under listings on my home page only a few of the items I have listed in my store during the past couple days show up. The rest, going under my store and recently listed, are there. Was something changed as they all appeared on the listing home page from the latest on back a few days ago?
  • I now have to do a sort and newly listed to show what was automatic a few days ago. I liked it as it was with the newly listed as the primary.
  • Douglas, I agree with you. I just encountered this "problem" as I went back to check if everything had listed. Really slows down the listing process.

    Mark, I understand your reasoning but I've noticed and heard from many of my buyers that they like to see the new listings appear immediately when they enter a store.
  • I've just kept listing new items, and I must say, I really hate the new system. Once you finish an item and you go on listing a new item and realize you made a mistake on the previous one, well too bad you have to go "hunting" to find it. And if you list several items with minor changes to your text and you want to use a previous item has a model, again a waste of time, because it will not be at the front of the store somewhere in the country that its listed. Did I say, I hate this "improvement"?
  • I just listed 19 items & only 3 showed up on the home page. I thought I made a mistake & ended up hunting for the listing. Who in the world actually thought this would be a good idea? Also the best match option is really pretty useless and should only be used if the person wants that. Please put the default back the way it was. F. A. MATHIS
  • I am with everyone else on this - newly listed should be the default unless you are getting paid by the click. Seems we have 10 times as many clicks to do anything as Bidstart did and that's assuming we don't get hopelessly lost. A road map would be beneficial for those of us that counted on the intuitiveness of Bidstart and find the whole drill down process exceedingly frustrating.and hard to interpret.
  • The default sort for the Store Home Page has always been "Best Match", not "Recently Listed", but we do make updates to the Best Match algorithm from time to time to help increase sales.

    Keep in mind that the Store Home Page is not optimized to help Sellers manage their listings - that wouldn't make sense, it's optimized to help you sell items to our members. If you're looking to review recent listings, just go to the Members Area > Selling page. That page is intended to help Sellers manage their listings, and there is no Best Match sort there. The default sort there will show you the most recently listed items in order:

    So if you're listing items, and want to quickly review your recently listed items, use the Members Area > Selling page.
  • Or you can also do a search on the Store home page under the show only box,click listed today or this week or this month.

    (It works fine doing it that way also)
  • Or go to your store and change the sort order to "Recently Listed". That appears to be the fastest way. Also, when listing, only the higher $ items appear on the front page.

    As for the "Selling Page" that would be another discussion you wouldn't like, Mark.
  • Ok Mark , then please explain why it has never been like this all the way back to Stamp Wants but now all of a sudden it has changed. Why ? , What could possibly be the reason? A lot of my customers look to see if I've listed anything recently. No matter what anyone says this was never the case before today. I just makes no sense. But then again common sense isn't all that common anymore.t
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    Hi Fredrick,

    As noted above, the default sort order on HipStamp within the general site, and within Sellers' stores, has always been Best Match, not Recently Listed. There are many different factors which are taken into consideration within the Best Match sort algorithm, which includes factors such as listing type, date listed, views, the Seller, and many other factors as well. The aim of which is to present listings in an order which will result in the highest amount of sales. We're always improving this, and yes, we have made changes recently to this algorithm and will continue to in the future.

    With regards to bidStart/StampWants, the default sort order was also based on a wide variety of factors and was different from the one on HipStamp, but in particular, it did not place a high priority on date listed, so it was not the case if you listed new items they would appear at the top of your store homepage on bidStart/StampWants.

    Also, just as a reminder, HipStamp is not bidStart/StampWants. We're a separate business, website, and platform. We competed with bidStart/StampWants, before acquiring bidStart/StampWants from Stanley Gibbons in 2016, at which time we closed the bidStart platform, and migrated over existing members and listings. For comparable reference, in over ten years of existence, the most amount of stamps sold per month on bidStart/StampWants was $200,000; and when we acquired it, it was around $50,000. Today, HipStamp sells approximately $1 Million in stamps each month; and out of our nearly 1,000 Sellers, their individual sales have increased, on average, 10X in the last two years. A key reason for this is that we're always working to improve and optimize our site, Best Match included.
  • Mark, if you want to increase sales, why not fix the listings under both the Browse and Sell headings? I am still upset that there are two different places that West Berlin stamps can be listed (Berlin and West Berlin under the Germany heading), with the listings in one not showing up in the other. Which one should I list my West Berlin offerings in to achieve the greatest number of views? This is but one example of many that exist.

    If I was still a buyer and came to this site and saw the mess under these two headings, I would not take this site seriously.

    When I was still buying, I never bounced around looking at sellers home pages when making a decision to buy something. I did a search under the country or territory name (which is why I am upset that it looks like you are never going to fix the listings), then the catalog number and saw what came up. I clicked on a few of the items that best met my criteria (condition, price, payment method, shipping, etc) and then picked the best of those. I then would search that seller's other items by country and catalog number to find other items that might interest me. Never did I use the method you seem to think people use, and I would bet most others don't either.

    The only reason that I am selling here is the fee that you charge is on the total purchase price and not per individual item. I sell each stamp individually, never by set (it frustrated me when I was buying that I could only purchase sets when I might only need one or two individual stamps from a long set), so most of my selling prices are very low (three to five cents). If you charged for each item listed or each item sold, even if only a couple cents each, that would preclude me from selling in this manner. That is what drove me away from Delcampe; their fees are presently 6.5% of the total sale plus a minimum of 0.13 Euro per item sold. I put up with all of this other stuff, frustrating as it is, only because of the lower fees for my preferred style of selling stamps.
  • Ok Mark , I really didn't need the history lesson as I went through all the years since 2005 and yes when they sold it to Gibbons it was really a horrible attempt at running the site and sales were way down. I did backflips when Hipstamps acquired the site. However while the improvements certainly helped sales but there are many more sellers than before which will drive up sales also. I have over 25000 listings up but there is no way my sales are up anywhere near 10 times. Some improvements really do help. Until yesterday I never experienced the listings not coming up on the sellers homepage , EVER!!!! I hate this "improvement". If I make a mistake on a listing (and I will) I used to fix ASAP now I have to as Carol said above start clicking to find it. Some improvements aren't actually an improvement at all & this is one of them.
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    Hi Fredrick,

    The number of Sellers on HipStamp was 600 2 years ago, and is 875 today, which is less than a 50% increase; and yes, on average, those 600 stores have had a 10x increase in sales. This is because for the past 2 years, we have been very focused on helping our existing Sellers sell more stamps, and bringing new buyers to HipStamp. This is of course on average, and each Seller will have their own results, so I'm not saying that your sales specifically increased 10x. That being said, as a Featured Store, there are quite a few benefits included in your Featured Store subscription that can help you increase your sales, which it does not appear that you're currently taking advantage of. I'll ask our Director of Marketing to follow-up with you on this next week.

    As a Seller, if you make a mistake when creating a listing, there's a link on the confirmation page which will take you back to the listing you just created. You can also review your latest listings from the Members Area > Selling page: There's no need for you to start clicking around to try and find the item you just listed, it would be at the top of the list.
  • "I really didn't need the history lesson" - Wow, no need to get snooty, since you were the one who brought up StampWants in the first place, thus providing a "history lesson".

    I list my items manually (one at a time). When doing so, I open up two tabs in my browser. The first tab is where I create my new listings. The second tab is the "View My Store" link. The store sort is set to "Recently Listed". If I think, or know, that I made a mistake in a new listings, I'll go to the second tab, refresh it, open up the errant listing and edit it. Sometimes if not enough time has elapsed the last item listed will take a minute to become visible. No problem. I just create a new listing (with a different item) and when I submit that one, I go back to the second tab, refresh it, and then can see and edit the errant item.

    I have used this process on StampWants, BidStart, and now HipStamp without any difference between the three sites. Sorry for the "history lesson", but I tend to think it is more a picnic than anything else, as is usually the case.
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