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Not a bug per se, but I observe that the view counters on my listings count my own views, even when I'm logged in. Is that an easy fix to have the view counters not count the view if you own the listing? It kind of defeats the purpose.


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  • Where can I find the view counters?
  • In two places I see. First on the listing summary:


    and then when you open the listing, at the bottom in had-to-read gray box:


    Notice how the counter increased from "2" in the first screenshot, to "3" in the second once I opened it. This is what I prefer not happen, because I don't care how often I look at my own listings, and it skews the data, especially if you enter your own listing frequently for maintenance or whatever.
  • I must be dense as I don't find it on my listings. I might not be looking at my listing summary as a review of my listings do not look like what you show. How can I get to my listing summary?
  • Updated.

    Note in the Members area, if there are 0 views for a listing - you won't see anything (as in it won't show "0 views" it will just be omitted).
  • Thank you for the help. I have now found where the counter is.
  • Note that this was reported months ago under feature request: #Views and #Watching on Members Selling List. Just wondering why it wasn't already on the 'to do' list?
  • Cool! Seems to be working! Thanks Mark.
  • Rod - Those items were on the to-do list, and were recently implemented. This bug was that if you visit your own items it increases the number of views on the listings.
  • Mark. That's what was reported in the earlier feature request: "If I view an item via listings I have for sale to see this information, the view count is bumped up, which distorts the count." No matter, very glad to see it working, thanks.
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