New Listings Not Appearing in Selling Items

I keep my view of items being sold i most recent, so while posting, I can check that they are appearing, and see where I am in posting batches. I sat down this morning 6/11, posted four items (three #663s, one #664). I clicked to view the selling summary page, and they were no there. Normally lag till they appear is less than a minute. It has now been ten minutes, and they have still not appeared. I know I hid submit listing, because on the page returned I was for each listing clicking list similar item, and modifying previous posting, which is how I quickly enter batches. I just tried to create another new listing from scratch, "add new," while composing this. and nada, the new listing is not showing up. I did a search of my items for #663, and it only found one other item that I had listed previously some time ago, not the three #663s I just tried to list. I am suspending work posting till this is solved.


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  • FWIW, I checked in drafts and scheduled, to make sure I had not goof clicked, but both categories are empty. It is now around 20 minutes later, and the four items I tried to post still have not appeared, or has the fifth I tried posting to test again.
  • 45 minutes later, the listings finally appeared.
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