Listed items dissapeared

Looks like every thing i listed yesterday has disapeared overnight, even the amount number i have listed has dropped, looks like the system has gone back 24 hrs, what is going on ????


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  • cant find them anywhere, do I relist them all again is the question
  • Yes, just noticed that right now. I was just about to list my number 200 listing. But it now says I have only 167 items. Argggggg.
  • I just deleted all the pictures I used so not happy about this at all, seems like I should of kept them all but thought once listed it was job done
  • I started a chat session with Hip and they were able to fix my problem.
  • If you have a problem like that, it does little good to post about it and complain in the open forums. Instead of deleting things, you should have done as Michael did. That was CONTACT SITE MANAGEMENT FOR HELP. His problem is resolved.
  • thank you for the information, I was unaware that I could have a open discussion to resolve the problem which is still sorting itself out
  • Think they must of been upgrading the system, my site has now been marked up as featured and charged accordingly without any messages, think it was because I went over 10.000 listings
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