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For the past week I have been scheduling 10 items to post each night at 9:00 PM. and they do not automatically post. I have to open each item out of "Closed" in Selling, scroll to the bottom of each page to the "Proceed" button, go back into the Members Area/Open and refresh the page. This usually will force the item to post; however, I do have to repeat the process with some items. I do schedule the items using the "Custom" feature during entry for both date and time and click on the "Done" button when finished. Is there something that I am missing or not doing correctly?


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  • Could this be a time zone issue? HipStamp uses Eastern Time, but I notice that you're in New Mexico. I'll make a note that this should be made more clear.
  • Thank you, Mark. I will leave the postings scheduled for tonight alone and check them tomorrow morning.
  • Sorry, Mark. I had 10 listings scheduled to open at 21:00 MDT last night (8/9/16). As I stated yesterday, I left the listings alone and checked them this morning. The same thing has happened; the items are not in "Open"; not in "Scheduled"; but are in "Closed." Any help will be appreciated. Are others able to schedule for future dates or do we have to post "Now". Thank you.
  • The issue should be resolved now. Let me know if you have any further issues.
  • Thank you, Mark. I will let you know how tonight's postings go. It looks great so far.
  • Good Morning Mark. The same problem seems to exist. The 10 items scheduled for last night are in "Closed" and I will leave them there.
  • I apologize - it should be sorted out now. Let me know if it happens again.
  • Thank you again, Mark. I will let you know how tonight's postings go.
  • Good Evening Mark. The listings scheduled for this evening posted perfectly and on time. Thank you again for your response and efforts.
  • Good Morning Mark. For one week, the scheduled postings went active as scheduled at 10 items per evening. Last evening, however, the 10 scheduled items did not post and are again in Closed. Also, in Closed, are 2 items that I closed (so there is no problem with them) and 2 items that are scheduled for tonight. If I am doing something wrong, please let me know. Thank you.
  • The items are actually open as they should be. They're just not yet reflecting in the search engine as such. This should be automatically resolved shortly. Usually any changes made to item listings are reflected within the search engine within a couple of minutes. However, there's currently a large backlog of items waiting to be updated in the search engine. We're working to ensure this does not happen again.
  • Mark,

    Not sure if this is related but is this also causing a backlog of closed items not showing up yet in the closed list? (The listings are showing as closed)
  • Yes, it should be back to normal shortly.
  • Thanks Mark,

    I thought that might have been why they weren't showing as quickly.
  • Mark/Michael,
    Thank you both for your efforts and insight.
  • Hello Mark

    I've had 15 items in my Closed Folder with a status of Deleted but it's been 10 hours and they are still in the Closed Folder.

    Just giving you an update.

  • Mark, Everything appears to be working just fine. Thank you, again, for your efforts.
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