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I would like to find out the results of some auctions where I haven't bid on any of the items. Can anyone tell me if it can be done and, if so, how. I guess I just haven't found the answer to that secret, if there is one.


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  • HipStamp does not make past auction/sales prices available, except through their HipValue subscription.
    The workaround, though, is: If you bid on an item or put it on you watch list, you will get an email notification that an auction you have bid on or are watching is closing soon, and a link is provided to the auction. You can refer back to that email anytime and click through to the page of the ended auction and see the final bid.
    Make sure you have email notifications enabled, by going to Members Area / My Account / Email Preferences and make sure the Auctions Ending Soon selection is set to ON.

  • Hi Robert, the easiest way is place the items on a watch list. After the auction is over go to Buying-Buyer Tools-Watching and then place the tab on closed listings and recently ended. As Ted mentioned if you are bidding on an item you will receive updates by default.
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  • Ted, Andrew -

    Thanks much for the pointers to solve my dilemma. They worked perfectly.
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