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i appreciate how some step up to offer give aways albeit being a marketing ploy. The latest one offered is a nicely centered early Iceland issue that's listed as being mint. Does anyone else see a light or washed cancellation?


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  • I was wondering the same thing.
    But, I'm curious about your statement, "albeit being a marketing ploy," as if to lessen the integrity of the dealer's offering. Why should it be anything other than a marketing "technique?" It's not a charity offering.
  • Ted, don't look for trouble where there isn't any. Stating the obvious in no way lessens anyone's integrity. That said, if this issue is indeed used and not mint...something a dealer should easily be able to identify... I'll stand by my use of the word 'ploy' in this instance.
  • His description of "Mint Iceland #15 w/ hr" suggests in the absence of declaring no gum, that gum remains and may have inclined him to believe it is unused. One can't help but wonder about the multiple black shadowy areas though.
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    To my eyes and the photo is a little blurry but there is a distinct cancel on the bottom left. You would need to see the back, I would bet on no gum. Depending on which variety of Iceland 15 it is used doesn't meet the criteria for a giveaway minimum retail value $25. One of my pet peeves are sellers offering a used stamp as mint no gum which has marks on the front or back which clearly indicates it was used but could be a rather attractive lightly used example without the mint pricetag. Giveways are great fun, but you have to adhere to the rules.
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