Process for Requesting Refund

I have received some stamps that were not as advertised. they were re-gummed when original gum was indicated. I have contacted the seller to request refund and will return the item insured. What recourse do I have with HipStamp if they do not grant my request?


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  • I'm sure the seller will refund your money once he has received the stamps back from you. In the unlikely event you don't receive a refund or response from the seller in a reasonable time frame, I would provide negative feedback. You can then notify HipStamp of the situation, but don't expect HipStamp to refund your money. The reason to notify HipStamp is so they can investigate and perhaps remove the seller, if other buyers have also had problems with this seller.
  • What John said. Despite the hype people spread online 99% or more of all sellers are absolutely honest and will take care of any issues. I am sure this was an oversight by the seller.
  • Since the payments are made through PayPal. If you do not get satisfaction from the seller, file a dispute with PayPal. And, yes, contact HipStamp management as well.

    HOWEVER, since none of this has happened yet, why not stay with a positive attitude, less stress, and presume that the seller will make things right, because the seller is a good person.
  • Good advice. Thank you
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    Some of the expert re gummed stamps can be difficult to tell especially on US stamps. The best way to tell is closely examine the gum on the perforations (sheets were gummed before perforating). How we wish unscrupulous collectors or dealers would not re gum stamps. Most sellers would have you return the stamps and refund you in full without issue. Let us know hopefully you get it resolved quickly as it appears to be solely the sellers mistake here which can happen.
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