Create list of stamps purchased and/or in my collection

Is there a place in HipStamp where I can create a list of the stamps that I've purchased along with their descriptions and costs?
Also, can I add to that list stamps i had in my collection before?


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  • Go to Membets Area/Sellng/Selling Tools/Reports
    Select Sales Summary (Purchases) and select the date range you want the report to cover.
  • You cannot create an inventory of you stamp collection on HipStamp.

    Download the report like Ted said, and you'll have an Excel spreadsheet already set for you to create one on your computer.
  • I googled the issue and found ezstamp.... Not cheap, but seems reasonable, if it delivers what it promises.... Maybe someone on here is using it and can't chime in on that.
  • You can do it for free in a spreadsheet or the old fashioned way keep booklets/notepads of the numbers,etc.
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    I have EzStamp and love it. Great program though a little costly. Have used it for years now. More realistic catalog values also.
  • Thank you very much!
  • Yes, if you're looking to create a list of stamps that you've purchased, along with their descriptions and costs, you can use our free My Want List and Collection tool. Just click on "Want List" in the main header of any page on HipStamp (outside the forums):
  • Wayne
    do you literally download ALL 600,000 or so images on your computer?
    What format are those pics in? Can I use them for other applications as well?
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    Yes, I have the full file downloaded on my desktop and laptop. My version has 549,000 files and is 63 gigs. I like the program because I can add a scan of my own stamps. They are BMP files but you can add jpg files and convert them as well. I also use EzImage from same company. I do not use the images for anything else at this time. The images do have a faint watermark,
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