how can I tell if an order has been shipped?

Okay, so I've been doing this for a length of time and you can stop shaking your head because I'm asking a super basic question and need a little bit of a refresher.

Supposing the seller has changed the processing to shipped icon. How can the buyer tell if the order has been shipped? I've looked at the icon and it doesn't change color for me to see it was shipped. This is a question that has been rattling around in my head for awhile. It would also be nice if the seller would send an email or message letting the buyer know their order was shipped, but I understand everybody runs their business a little bit differently.

So is there a way for me to tell if the order has been shipped?

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  • It would also be helpful if it showed the date it was shipped.

  • If you look at your order and the truck icon is green it indicates the seller has shipped assuming they update the ticket.
  • Andrew, when I've checked the truck has always been green. When I change to received, then the truck turns blue. This is what has confused me for a length of time. So if it's always green I have no idea the order has been shipped unless the buyer has sent a message. Usually, if they have sent a message I mark that day or the day after as 1st day of shipping.

    I know when I've marked my buyers order as shipped the truck turns color, but not in reverse.

    Just one of those things I've not been able to wrap my head around. I guess this is why I send an email to my buyers to let them know where their order stands. Wish others could take a moment or two and do the same thing. (I do live in a perfect world, ya know?!! lol)
  • I both provide feedback on the day I ship advising the order has been shipped (which includes time and date) and update the shipping icon. I found that you need to provide the feedback first, otherwise the order is immediately removed from selling reminders area and you need to hunt for it in the feedback area.
  • The truck icon should be grey if not shipped, turns green when marked as shipped and blue when received. It would be nice for them to add the date initially shipped as previously mentioned.
  • I've not seen the grey truck, but my next purchase I'll be checking it out.

    Sometimes I do things and don't remember doing/seeing them, lol
  • I enter the date shipped in the tracking field.
  • Hey Rod, I do the same thing. Date and time to the post office. Easiest way to keep track for me.
  • do the same but problem is that if you select track this package it tries a google search on the entry. seller can see when package was sent but buyer just goes to some internet page.

  • the way I do it is. mark the order as shipped also I give feedback thus the buyer can see when the order was shipped.
    buyer will not pay $4.00 or more for tracking.
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