The auctions from Rosenburg Philatelics are getting entirely out of hand!

Someone just won a used #361 for $760! Incredible considering the catalogue value is $20000.

There are only 2 known examples of this stamp off cover, and 3 on cover. They are extremely rare.

This was a bluish paper issue and I think it is clear from the scan this stamp has no blue whatsoever. This is either a #335 or #378 (depending on the watermark). Catalogue values for these two stamps are from 75 cents to $2.25.

They sold a #362 right after for another ridiculous sum. (It was not a 362).

I have commented in these forums, and contacted the dealer directly (along with others) about misidentified stamps. Some listings were changed, but there doesn't seem to be any effort to make sure these listings are accurate, as the seller keeps doing the same thing.

I feel sorry for the winning bidders, because they will be getting ripped off!!! You can say that their ignorance is to blame, but at some point you have to do the right thing. Their money should be refunded.

There are a lot of new buyers and sellers joining this platform daily and many may be new and inexperienced collectors. Break their trust and you will lose those collectors.

Here's the listing for #361


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  • A post of mine in another thread a few hours ago before tonight's auction -

    Please be careful when bidding on this material. Many are misidentified, as I had stated in a previous post.

    Some of these are not even close!

    384 is an Imperf issue -

    Obviously a booklet pane, probably 332 -

    This is a perf 10 404 -

    422 is the 50 cent Franklin issue, perf 12, definitely not this -

    Much of this material looks good to better.

    It seems whomever is listing it is in too much of a hurry, or doesn't have the knowledge to be doing this. In either case they need to get it right!
  • This is not a comment on the issue with the seller. This is just a clarification regarding a sttaement made regarding the color of the paper of the stamp.

    "This was a bluish paper issue and I think it is clear from the scan this stamp has no blue whatsoever."

    That would be correct. The so-called "bluish paper" issues are not on bluish paper. They are on grayish paper. Why Scott continues to state that the paper is blue is beyond me.

    The best way to determine if you have a "bluish paper" variety is to place the stamp on orange paper. The stamp paper will appear to be gray compared to a similar stamp printed on white paper. You have to place both specimens on the orange paper to verify.

    Now, I would say that sellers who are selling rare, or otherwise valuable, stamps should provide a certificate of authenticity with the stamp. I would not buy one without a certificate.
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    Lee, when you are doing that many auctions you are bound to make a few mistakes. I’m sure they will resolve any issues. They have sold many very fine US stamps. As for buying rarer US stamps without certification, you are almost always taking a gamble. US isn’t the easiest country on early Franklins, Washington’s, banknotes, grilled stamps, not to mention later Franklin/Washington’s with coils and postage dues.
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    i don't know anything about this stamp but i do know 99% of forums on the internet do not allow calling a person out, linking, calling that person wrong and generally doing this type of post. it is rude and abusive and this "thread should be removed" and the poster should be told how to treat others politely. this type of posting is one reason there are so few posters here. my opinion. Lots of ways to complain other than bringing this to the forums or at the very least not calling a seller out in public and posting a link to his store. extremely rude.
  • Moderators please close this thread and delete, or at the least remove references to the dealer.

    I created this post out of frustration that some have had.

    I'm not trying to hurt the seller, but after trying to contact them there didn't seem to be much change in what they were doing. Just trying to help some buyers by pointing out some of these issues.

    This seller has good material, and I have bought from them in the past.

  • Seems to me there is reasonable argument for some calling out of material found to be mis-advertised, especially when such listing dealers have been advised and no subsequent action has been taken voluntarily to correct those listings. Claiming ignorance or insufficient knowledge in the face of such notification results in a defacto "buyer beware" defense, which most of us, I'm assuming, would find minimally off-putting or deceitful in a more critical view. None of this serves the hobby from any perspective. That said, it seems also valid that these forums ought not be the primary venue for exposing such practices other than, perhaps, the occasional reference by specific link with the intent of seeking corroboration. On the other hand, I'm not in favor of a gag order in the forums as I can imagine most of us have been "burned" at sometime in our philatelic journeys and would have appreciated a degree of self monitoring from the stamp community. So a balanced judicious watchfulness, one that endeavors to protect buyers and sellers might find a legitimate space in these forums, imo.
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    general policy in almost all sites is no names and no links but a search term would be sufficient. it is too easy to run off sellers if a few buyers are not pleased with the seller.. all they have to do is start a campaign against that seller making accusations with links. pretty much a researched response by older sites that has been proven over time to be fair.. ban calling out.. ban links to a product you are complaining about. you want sellers to leave in droves.. allow a policy of abuse. the buyers that profess to be experts are immense..:-) in most cases they are well less than experts.
  • Jerry,


    As I stated in a previous post it is not my intention to harm the seller in any way.

    I never claimed I was an expert, but it doesn't take much common sense to see an unacceptable percentage of the lots were misidentified, and continued to be.

    Maybe I'm more on the side of the buyers in this case. You seem to be defending the sellers at all costs.

    When someone sells a stamp that catalogues at $2 for $760 I have a problem with that. I'm not saying it was intentional, but at some point the seller has to get their act together. This type of sale (if left unchecked) will hurt the future of this websites growth WAY MORE than a post on a message board.
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    search term.. usa and the scott # - pretty simple. you have no excuse for being rude and calling this seller out as less than honorable . this forums is not the place to do that. it could in fact get you sued in a court of law. there is a way and a place to complain without calling the seller out and defaming him and his reputation. you do not have the right to do this in this public manner and in a open forums. A very good way to legally lose your house and other processions. Your identity is clear and this puts you at great risk with this type of behavior.

    As for your intention not being to harm the seller.. i question this as being the truth. I also suspect you are not qualified to expertise a seller's id of a stamp. Hence best to not remark in public with a defamatory post even if you claim no harm intended. Harm was done..that is a fact. How would you like to be treated in this manner?

    a side note - it is easy to find fault. not one single seller on this site is perfect in their description/ photos/pricing.. any one of us can post here with their names, rude remarks and links - on any of the sellers and their listings if it is allowed and tolerated.

    Not a question of seller vrs buyer but one of compassion , common sense and doing to others as you would want to the treated. The real thing is this is not about this seller but that this type of post is allowed at all. it puts the site in legal jeopardy also.
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    Here is a quote from the Swedish Tiger regarding the Bluish Paper Issue.
    "Bluish paper is different from the normal white paper in that the paper has a slight rag content.
    Old rags were added to the paper pulp, thus saving money, under a microscope you can
    see traces of the rag fibers. The color of the paper is SLIGHTLY slate grey and has a dull greyish look to it, a color that is easily tinted, thus all bluish paper stamps have no value unless
    accompanied by a certificate issued by stamp expertisers such as the PSE organization.
    Tip: placing a white paper stamp and suspected bluish paper on an orange background aids identification." Best advice is avoid expensive stamps that could be forged unless accompanied by a certificate.
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