Not TakenSome items not syncing from BS to HS?

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Mark: I listed some items a couple of days ago (8/6/16) that appear in BS but have not come over to HS. Other items that I listed today are already synced over? Two examples of missing in HS are:
BS item # 81757353 and 81757332 they are both air mail FDC of Scott # C77 and C76. Did I make an error in these listings?


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  • Most items you list on bidStart will sync to HipStamp within a few hours. However, primarily because bidStart still has several ongoing technical issues, some items will not come over as quickly - particularly because at times bidStart is down for a few minutes at a time per day. However, you don't need to worry about any of these items because we re-check every Seller's listings in full about once every other week. So even if an item is missing at first, it will still come over to HipStamp.

    Once we've had a chance to address some of these issues on bidStart - it should help to improve the flow / speed.
  • Thanks Mark, if it helps in any de-bugging then I think that all of the ones that did not sync were ones that I used the "Sell Similar" option to generate the new listing. Mike
  • I have 3673 items on BidStart but HipStamp shows 3651. I know Mark said it can take a bit longer sometimes and I understand this, but some of the missing adverts were listed two weeks ago. James
  • Well I now have the opposite problem which I do not understand. On Bidstart I have 5839 store items but on Hipstamp it shows I have 5866. I never added any items directly to Hipstamp - so that means items that are no longer on Bidstart are on Hipstamp and there is no way I can figure out which ones they are. Originally more counts matched 100% but now they are off by 27. If someone happens to select one of these items, I will not have it. Steve
  • I listed 82 items at BS a few days ago and they still have not sync'd over. Strange. Some will sync within a few hours and others take up to a week or so.
  • I have deleted 29 auctions from bidstart but have had to manually delete them from Hipstamps, there is a slow process of sync , I have since loaded 29 on bidstart and still waiting for them to come over to hipstamp, may be a glitch but it is a issue I have to keep coming back to ensure I am not running duplicate listings
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    I'm still having issues with the sync. Items I sold off of BidStart on Jul 30th and unfortunately a sale from Aug 22 on HipStamp included 3 of these items that were no longer available. Over 3 dozen items from the Bidstart sale have still not synced as unavailable on HipStamp listings. Do I need to manually go and remove these sold items?
  • i found it easier just to delete them from the auction, then I know it is done
  • oh forgot to mention, I actually closed them rather than delete then I see them in the unsold which confirms the deletion, if you delete them you have no record of them gone
  • Derek, that's easy enough to say. But when you sell 500 items in a month, closing or deleting items from HS would be onerous and time intensive.
  • I have 408 items on BidStart and only 308 showed up in HipStamp.
  • My synch issue is not with the listing coming from BS but with the picture accompanying the listing. Coming up on four days since the listings were posted on Bidstart and the pictures of the stamps are not on Hipstamp. All my listings that are having issues were generated from "list similar" as well.
  • if we sell on Bidstart, we log the numbers in a jotter and double check to see if they have come off, unfortuantly I think we lost some when we sync them over as they were probably closed on bidstart waiting for it to relist itsef, we have seen some come over since but I think that is when they then got relisted, I like the site on hipstamps but not the fee for two different sites, one for stamps and one for postcards, I will let it run for a while and see what happens, firstly I noticed that there are not a lot of sales as most people have small feedback. I believe they are in the process of allowing bidstart feedback to be carried over
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