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I just purchased a couple of items, and want to leave feedback, but on the page listing my purchases, for each item there is no option to leave feedback, and on the feedback home page, when I click feedback I need to leave for others, NOTHING appears. What am I missing?


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  • The feedback option appears to be working. Perhaps you are looking in the wrong place. It is located at the top of the invoice on the right side for you entire order, not beside the individual stamps. It is in blue. If this doesn't show up for you, contact management corning your issue.
  • On the summary page of invoices for purchased items, only three (3) options appear to right of each invoice, Print Invoice, Mark as Received, and Contact Seller. No option for leave feedback.

    Looking at the invoice print option, there is no option for feedback appearing on the page presenting the invoice, only the option to Print the invoice. I believe before when I purchased items option to leave feedback appeared under sidebar option "Leave feedback for others", "I need to leave." There is nothing there. I bought two items a week ago. Neither offers option for feedback.
  • Are you sure that you haven't already provided feedback? That option disappears once feedback has been provided.
  • You can check this out, by clicking on the seller's feedback located at the top of your invoice. This will take you to their feedback page. You can then view the posted feedback back to the date of your purchase. Perhaps you will see you have already posted and simply forgot about doing it. It sometimes happens to me.
  • OK, thanks for last tip, I figured this out. I left feedback for over 50 sales I had made to my customers en masse, and I apparently did notice that the two items I had BOUGHT and which were labeled feedback for SELLERS, was among them. So I did leave feedback, thanking them for being a good customer. Duh.
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