Trigger automatic insurance charge on orders over certain amount

It would be good if there were a way to trigger addition of an insurance fee to shipping costs currently calculated if value of purchase(s), alone or combined in single invoice, goes over certain amounts. Best would be tier of added fee for insurance, e.g. 100-200, 200-500, or some way of trigger an automatic addition of insurance fees to an order before invoice presented to buyer to pay. If such a mechanism exists, I cannot find it. Right now, I basically self insure up to 100 - 200, but over that, I just eat the insurance fee myself. Given I am just a hobby seller, and my margin of profit is razor thin, I would like to be able to trigger insurance added to invoice.


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  • that's so funny Ronald. Mark will be laughing too. Basically the response since the inception of this site is you have to allow for it in your postage cost for each individual item. In other words, you have to eat it.
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    With large purchases (dollar-wise) I use Priority Mail. You get $50 insurance included in the postage cost, and you get the all important tracking. You can add more insurance if you want. I don't charge the buyer anything other than my flat rate shipping fee. I figure with large sales, I can afford to "eat" it. Keeps the buyers coming back too.

    It drives me nuts when I see ads in Linn's where the dealer charges shipping fees when someone buys $1000 from them. Really? You can't take a couple dollars out of that sale to cover shipping? Some years ago I bought several items from a well-known dealer who offered free shipping. The package arrived postage due. The dealer reimbursed me, but I never bought from him again.
  • For those who use insurance is available starting at $.77 for up to $100 ($1.28 for international). Cheaper than a cup of coffee. If someone wants to spend $200 at my store, I'll willingly spring for $1.54 for insurance (which is for my protection anyway).
  • Many sellers have asked for this over the years. Me included
  • FWIW, I ordered my items in store by price low to high, then selected page at a time for mass change, and went up the line, for higher value items making only option available for shipping to include insurance. For items under about $150, I basically just roll the dice and self insure.
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