Always when someone buys item's, the payment is automatically by Paypal, but today there was a purchase that was not paid for.

How do I send an invoice to the buyer,


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  • Check your Paypal account to see if payment was made but no email sent to you - It has happened to me both here and at Feebay. The email from Paypal eventually shows up.
  • Or check your Spam folder on your email. It has happened to me.
  • Checked Paypal, no payment received,

  • A seller on Feebay has reported missing Paypal emails this evening.It does happen from time to time.
  • Go to your store settings, and look under "Payment Settings" at the bottom of the page. Do you have this set: Enable Buyers To Pay Later / Pay by Check or Money Order? It says: "For store items, buyers are required to pay online at checkout. With this option, buyers can request to be pre-approved, by you, to allow them to "Pay Later", including by check or money order. However, note that any orders which are unpaid for through this feature will not be eligible for fee refunds.".

    Maybe this is happening?
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